Monday, January 11, 2010

I CAN do anything for 21 days, it's just hard

I've said it before and I'll say it again – Losing weight sucks. I've learned I'm not very good at it. I am good at eating yummy foods, sitting on my butt, complaining about being overweight, eating yummy foods, being lazy, spending way too much time on the computer, and did I say eating yummy foods?

I do have a tiny update though. I lost 5 pounds. Woot. That only gets one woot because I should be much farther along. Rrrrrrrr!!!!! I don't wanna exercise! Actually, that's not true. Once I get up and start doing it I kind of enjoy it but it's the getting up part that I don't wanna do. I can't stand whiney weight loss blogs so I'll stop whining and let you in on how I lost 5 pounds. I started using the Wii Fit Plus – I told Hubby that Reyna (12 year old kid) wanted it for Christmas. At least I think she said she wanted it… that may have been me wishing hopefully. I don't recommend using it on carpet then switching to using it on wood floors. Somehow I gained 28 lbs in 9 days according to the Wii. Ummm, I don't think so. No wonder it said my BMI was way under! I only use it on the wood now. I like it but don't like how you spend 30 minutes on it but half of that is reading all the little tips and instructions and clicking around to the different exercises. I also don't like how every time I add a new exercise, it makes me do ALL the ones I just finished, Ok, so that's actually a good feature because I get a better workout, but still.

What else? Hmmm, oh, I cut soda out and I am back to booty shakin' when I clean and do laundry which is always fun except when my teen or tween walk around the corner. I also broke down and joined AnyTime Fitness since my free membership was up. It'll be a week tomorrow – guess I better drive over there soon and start using it. I love how, since I'm paying for it now, I can use any location across the US. So if I decide to go to Rhode Island and they have one I can swipe my little key and take my happy butt for a workout! Or, I can use the one downtown (9.1 mi away) when I workout with my fabulous trainer Douglas. Better yet, when I decide not to get my ass kicked I can travel a whopping 1.6 mi to the one right down the road. So no excuses right? Hahaha, I have 4 kids and ADD. I'm the Queen of Excuses. Oh, and I love that they don't have daycare. It gives me a few more minutes to myself where I can make a phone call or sing loudly with no interruptions or complaints.

We'll see how this goes especially since I have only 13 days till my Mom's Night Out where I want to look hot and 21 days till Jan. 31st. Think I can lose 17 lbs by then? Yeah, me neither but I'll give it a try anyway – kinda.

On a side note, my amazing sister-in-law has lost 30 lbs!!!!! All because I started this ‘lil blog about getting off my butt and losing weight. I'm very proud of her and knowing I gave her motivation makes my heart smile.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I can do anything for 27 days

I started January with "I can do anything for 31 days". But, I didn't really do much but kinda watch what I ate. Oh, yeah, then there was the day Kelly wanted McD's breakfast and well, I just can't pass up a sausage, egg, and cheese bagel. I didn't eat much the rest of the day though! Why am I blogging about losing weight? Are you checking the year on here? Yeah, that's right, it really is January 2010 and I really am blogging about losing weight- again. Why? Because after winning Sexy by Summer I sat on my ass the other half of the year and it all came back . So, now I'm trying to lose as much weight as I can before January 31st. It took me, no that's not right, I took 6 months to get it off the first time and I refuse to take that long again. I know it's supposedly healthier to only lose 1 pound a week but if everyone followed that no one would ever get thinner till they had one or both feet in the grave. The contestants on The Biggest Loser lose 1-14 pounds a week and they're all ok! So, here we go again- speedy version this time. Below are my newest bathing suit before pictures. I know, they're disgusting and the only ones who will be completely honest about how chunky I've gotten are my two beloved sisters-in-law. For those of you who don't know me, this is HUGE for me. Normally I would look way cute and sexy in this bikini which, by the way, is the one I bought to wear after the Sexy by Summer contest. Nope, never got to wear it. So, you've had fair warning, look at your own risk.

I'm off to get my fat, chunky ass on my new Wii fit then head down to AnyTime Fitness to sign up for a membership. Hopefully since I'm paying for it I'll actually get off my butt and use it.