Monday, October 26, 2009

Back on the weight loss wagon

After gaining back 13 of the 17 pounds I'd lost the first half of the year, I'm back on a meal plan and working out with my amazing trainer, Douglas. The meal plan he gave me this time is much more bearable and has more foods on it that I like. I still can't get him to put pizza, cookies, and Mc Donald's on there though. I'll keep trying.

Last Friday I worked out with him for the first time in about 7-8 months. He almost killed me. I did make sure, at the beginning of the workout, that he knew where the defibrillator was...just in case. I did a high intensity interval workout on the stair climber. My heart rate wasn't supposed to go over 170- um, yeah, I was a bit more out of shape than we thought when it reached 196. He almost didn't let me finish but I only had one more minute of the intense part and then I was free to cool down- or die, whichever came first.

The good news was my body would burn fat for the next 16 hours. How cool is that? So I'm headed to go jog around on the mini-trampoline for a bit before I head to the gym to have him kill me again. I only have 6 more days to look fabulously hot in my pink pirate costume. I'm not holding my breath.

Sexy Pink Pirate Costume Adult

I tried to order the body, too, but the shipping was too pricey.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Give a kid a camera

My kids love to walk around and take random pictures with their sister's cameras. Recently my oldest daughter's friend placed a camera in his tuba for the halftime show at his football game. It's pretty cool to see the show from the player's perspective. I thought I'd share some of the ones that made me laugh out loud. *disclaimer- this pics were taken by my kids or kids I know. They were not taken from random websites so do not belong in the Finds From the Web category.

Marching Sousa Cam

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ride for diabetes

I just received this email from one of my cousins and wanted to pass it along to the world:

Hey everyone, hope all is well. We just wanted to give you all an update on the benefit ride that we are doing. I'm sure most of you knew my father, Dennis. For those of you who don't, he was a wonderful husband and father. On September 12, 2000, he past away of diabetes. Again, for those of you who aren't familiar with diabetes, diabetes is a very debilitating disease. Diabetes is the number one cause of heart disease and blindness in the United States, among many other painful and heart wrenching problems.
So a couple of months ago, Ricky and I decided to do a ride (motorcycle) for diabetes. We've talked to the American Diabetes Association and they are having a walk for diabetes on October 24, 2009, and they want our ride to kick off their walk! We have gotten numerous merchandise donations from local bike shops for our raffle that we are holding for the ride. We are also charging a $10 per bike fee, and we are going to have a 50/50 raffle, and are having food and drinks. I have also gotten my college involved in this ride/walk. ALL OF THE PROCEEDS THAT WE RAISE ARE GOING TO THE AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION!!!!
The reason for this e-mail is to let you know what we are doing, and also to give you the link for our web-site if you would like to participate. We know times are tough right now, but every little bit helps. We are splitting what we raise between the diabetes children's camp here in Kentucky and the other half towards finding a cure for diabetes, it will all go towards research for finding a cure for this disease. For those of you who have already donated, we can't thank you enough! Not only does it mean the world to Ricky,me, and my family; but I know it means the universe to all of those with diabetes! I know what we are doing may seem small, but we believe that all the contributions we raise will make a huge difference. So please help us succeed in our dream. Thank you for you time, we love and miss you all!
Love, Jessica, Ricky, and Jilyian
And the link to our page where you can donate, or just to look around is;

Diabetes is becoming more and more common. One of the best ways to help is to provide money for research and one day hopefully a cure. I encourage you to open your heart and donate or hop on your Harley and join the ride!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today I'm taking my life back

I'm sick and tired of having Adult ADD and letting it control my life. I'm tired of hiding behind it and using it as an excuse. I'm done. Rx or no Rx this is MY life. I refuse to let my ADD run it anymore.

My house and life are a mess because I can't ever finish anything. I say I'm going to do something then never do it. Adult ADD sufferers don't get personal assistants no matter how badly we need them. I have pieces of paper and notes in my phone for things I'm supposed to remember but forget to check them. I've gone into my kitchen more than 10 times this morning to clean it but wander out to do something else and forget to go back and finish it. I'm trying to do laundry, clean the playroom, the kid's rooms, the dining room, my room all at the same time. It's incredibly overwhelming. So much so that I usually wind up giving up. Not today.

Today I'm going back into the kitchen I still need to find Maggie's bottle. I'm going to wash all the glasses without stopping I need to clean the fridge out. I need to make my bed remember to get the trash bags out of Rach's room . I still need to go through the toys for the toy swap I need to clean the laundry room first so I have a place to put ugh the car port really needs to be swept. I'll just sit down and check my email really quick Rrrrrr, my desk is a mess and needs yikes! kids have started to take over my hutch which is the one place in the house I declared as mine man, I never did get to watch the Special Edition Titanic DVD Kai gave me for Christmas last year where did all my pens go? Carey needs to memorize another book to read since he's mastered the Hot Dog book.

Why all the colors? That's how my mind works in less than two minutes. Every color is a new thought, many aren't even finished before a new one starts. Many times it's even worse. Sometimes it's not being able to concentrate one minute to the next. This isn't just "where did I put my keys?" or walking from one room to another and not remembering why you were going there. For me, and parents like me, it's almost a disability. We feel alone, helpless, like we're the only ones going through this. Which is why I'm sharing.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, if someone you know is telling you about themselves having Adult ADD PLEASE do NOT say, "Oh, that happens to me maybe I have ADD!" and laugh. It's not a laughing matter to us. It's next to impossible to get a doctor to diagnose us with this. I heard "Oh, you're just a mom of 3" from three different doctors until finally someone listened when I was pregnant with my 4th. Now my life growing up makes so much more sense- my grades in school, my personality, and my relationships with others. I understand so much more now that I know I was growing up with ADD.

That being said. I'm going into my kitchen, putting a chair in front of the gate as a reminder to not walk out until it's finished. And I'm setting the timer for 20 minutes as well.

Today I'm conquering my ADD and I'm taking my life back.