Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taking a break...

All this Alzheimer's research is doing a number on me. I'm exhausted and depressed both which are risk factors in developing the disease. Sooooo, it's time to do a little giggling!

I'm shifting through my notebooks, little pieces of paper, and "notes" app on my phone to put together funny little things that have happened in the last week. Well, at least I thought they were funny. You may read them and think they are dull. If that's the case, I'm sorry you and I don't share the same sense of humor. It just proves mine's better!


So, last night Kelly, my 15 year old, came in and asked me for help with her Algebra 2 homework- something about slopes. I looked at it and said, "Ugh. I'm not good at this kind of math." Kelly replied, "You're bad at everything that involves math." Well then why the hell did she ask me for help??


I keep looking at this note I wrote to myself- "takes few minutes to reset dates on bottom." Apparently it was important because I wrote it down but I can't, for the life of me, remember what the heck it means.


My five year old son, Carson, was mad because I didn't let him go through the baby gate to put his scooter in the living room (I did it for him). "Mommy yo-" he started to say. I cut him off telling him, "Watch your mouth!" To which he replied, "But I can't see my mouth."


Caron: Why is Daddy so grumpy?

Me: I don't know

Carson: Maybe he's got his feather's in a bunch.


Hubby and I were both kissing our three year old, Maisie, good night at the same time. "U bowff wuv me," she said, then "more kisses." We kissed her several more times. "Ok, that's enough," she declared. Awwww.


I took Maisie on a play date to the mall yesterday with several of my friends and their kids. One of the moms said, "Kaytii, watch." So I turned around and watched Maisie holding hands with two of her friends on top of a giant hamburger. They counted to three and jumped off. Maisie landed on her face. I turned around to look at one of the moms and she's trying hard not to laugh. "I swear they did it perfectly three times just before!" Uh-huh. I kept watching to see the "perfect" jump I'd missed before. They did it three more times- unsuccessfully, with Maisie falling every time. Thanks for bringing that to my attention mommies! (Maisie was find, BTW) She thought it was hilarious.


Yesterday morning, Maisie, demanded her morning bottle. Yes, I know, she shouldn't have one at age three but she's the baby so deal with it. The playroom is always a disaster so I spent 20 minutes picking up 60 Webkinz, Castle Mega Blocks, 10,000 Legos, and 20 Tinkerbell toys. No bottle. I checked the dishwasher. Found it. At least the playroom is cleaner now.


I've come to the conclusion that nothing in my house is ever where it is, except when it is.

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