Thursday, May 21, 2009

Because I'm a mom

God or the Great Moderator of Time is trying to tell me something but I'm not getting it. I have about twenty posts started on various topics and at least five to ten new ideas popping into my head every other day. I can't seem to get any of them completed.

Laundry is piling up despite the one or more loads I do every day. Dishes are scattered all over the house even though I try to round them up every few hours. The kitchen counters are barely visible under the stuff that gets dumped there by the kids. Shoes, socks, toys, crayons, crumbs, dirt and clothes litter the entire house.

Emails come in by the 10's every half an hour. My Coke caps are piling up on my desk – when they aren't being thrown across the floor – because I never seem to have time to enter them on I finally got four entered before Maisie demanded a bath. I grabbed my notebook so I could work on a post while she was in the tub but my 120 pound German Rottweiler insisted I pet him and there is no telling him "No." Then, he wanted out...& then back in.

Because I'm a mom.

Is someone telling me I should stop writing? If so, I’m not listening. It would however make some people very happy. Well, only certain people on a competition site that my posts get transferred to. I neglected my readers by wasting several days defending myself to people who shouldn't and don't matter to me. I'm trying to refocus and get back to my personal blog where those who truly care what I write about are.

My guess is that the Great Moderator of Time is trying to get me to use my time more wisely. Maybe it is possible to get everything done in one day. Maybe I need to make a list every morning of all the things I'd like to get finished for the day and then prioritize (many people with ADD love making lists and I'm one of them!). But why do I have a feeling that making a list won't work either? That despite my best efforts I'll still get to the end of the day with most of my list unfinished?

Oh, that's right...because I'm a mom.

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