Friday, May 29, 2009

Disney's Up movie review

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Hilarious! Hilarious! Hilarious!

This is my first time doing a movie review (and probably the last since I rarely ever go to the movies) so bare with me.

I received tickets for the screening of Disney's new movie Up.
It started with a short movie about how babies were made. Don't worry, it wasn't the true story. There were cute fluffy cloud guys making babies of all species for the storks to deliver. One gray cloud was in charge of making not so nice specie babies (sharks, alligators, etc). His poor stork! Everyone laughed through the whole thing.

As for Up, it was the funniest Disney movie I've ever seen. Mr. Fredrickson wants to fulfill a promise he made to his wife of living on top of Paradise Falls. As a balloon salesman he cleverly attaches thousands of balloons to his house in an attempt to fly to South America. He has an unexpected passenger, Russell, who is a Wilderness Explorer in need of earning a 'helping the elderly' badge. Two more companions, Kevin, a beautiful bird accompany them on their adventure making the adventure even more hilarious. What Disney movie would be complete without a villain? This one isn't too scary and my kids were only mildly afraid.

My five year old son laughed so loud sometimes I had to tell him to shhhh. I was nervous about my two year old daughter going but her attention was captured during the entire movie. If you don't laugh at least 200 times, you need a new sense of humor. I give
's way, way, way UP! I highly recommend this movie for kids and adults of all ages. My fifteen year old was even cracking up along with my twelve year old daughter and her friends.

I did learn an important lesson about attending a screening. Get there early. Very early. We arrived an hour and a half early and wound up in the third row from the front. Some families were turned away causing several tears from little ones.

I read in one review that Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is Up's stiffest competition. Up is going to blow Night at the Museum out of the water...or sky.

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