Thursday, May 28, 2009

My 100th post

I tossed around several ideas for my 100th post. Then a dear friend gave me the idea to write a list of 100 goals. Some are big, some are small. Will I complete them all? I have no idea. And don't worry, I won't make a list of 200 goals when I hit 200 posts. These are in a completely random order:

1. Lose my last 10 pounds before the Sexy by Summer contest ends (June 15, 2009).
2. Schedule a Mom's Night Out and Couple's Night Out for my area of Tampa.
3. Get Carson into Kindergarten.
4. Remember to take my Adderall every right back.
5. Learn to use my time more efficiently.

6. See The Kiss
in person...and any other Gustav Klimt paintings in the museum.
7. Tour the Louvre (no Hubby, you may not get ice cream instead).
8. Go skydiving...and make it to the ground safely.
9. Pay for my mom's veins to get fixed so she can wear shorts (sexy mamma!).
10. See all four kids graduate from high school.
11. Learn to water ski...again.
12. Go to Callaway Gardens for a family vacation (where my family used to vacation).
13. Be more organized.
14. Visit Puerto Rico.
15. Drive an Aston Martin.
16. Learn to drive stick shift (which should probably be done before number 15).
17. Fit back into my high school graduation least the bottom half of it (go boobs!).
18. See all four kids graduate from college.
19. See Hubby retire early.
20. Drink a Pina Colada while getting caught in the rain.
21. Go snorkeling in the Keys (and take all jewelry off, back off barracudas!).
22. Go scuba diving in Australia and not get stabbed by a sting ray or eaten by a shark.
23. Go to a movie premiere.
24. Write 500 blog posts.
25. Make $100 from Adsense by 2020. (
Click on the ads! Click on the ads!)
26. Visit King Tutankhamen's tomb.
27. Pet a tiger.
28. Get a kiss from a giraffe.
29. Graduate from college (preferably before
30. See an Indian India.
31. Go wine tasting in San Fransisco now that I'm old enough...waaaay old enough.
32. Ride in a gondola in Venice, preferably before it disappears like Atlantis.
33. Go sledding where I met Hubby, with Hubby.
34. See Andrea again.
35. Renew vows in a Victorian or Edwardian themed ceremony.
36. Meet my half brother Bryan who is in the Marines.
37. Jam with a Reggae band in the Bahamas.
38. Take the kids to Disney.
39. Go out on my Uncle Mike's boat.
40. Walk in the Breast Cancer 3 Day before they raise the requirement to $5,000.
41. Buy a vacation home in Costa Rica and farm coffee beans.
42. Go camping again with Hubby in the mountains...without his best friend this time.
43. Get a tattoo with Hubby's name...his real name.
44. Go to Japan for our anniversary (not at Epcot, that doesn't fly anymore).
45. Watch the sunrise on the East Coast and sunset on the West Coast of FL on the same day.
47. Stay with Hubby at The Column's Hotel in New Orleans.
48. Visit the cemetery in New Orleans...instead of going shopping (power of having sisters).
49. Own a home in South Beach next to Jennifer Lopez...or at least in the same zip code.
50. Finish this list.
51. Walk for the March of Dimes again.
52. Stand in the middle of Times Square and spin in circles.
53. Run through a field of flowers like Laura Engles.
54. Zipline through a rain forest.
55. Host a Secret Party...shhhhh.
56. See my friend Gary.
57. Donate to Make a Wish.
58. Ride every ride at Busch Gardens in one day...except the kiddie rides of course.
59. Visit all the Titanic Museums.
60. Attend the Knight Parade (Tampa's version of Mardi Gras, pirate style, Arrrrrr!).
61. Go to a Bucs game.
62. Voluteer for MADD.
63. Meet Steven Curtis Chapman (and Mary Beth).
64. Photograph old farm houses in black and white.
65. Buy a good camera...then do #64.
66. Have a drink at Friends in Prague.
67. Donate to Trisomy 21.
68. Buy or receive a "mother's ring." (Dec, Feb, Feb, Feb, June, hint hint.)
69. See Hubby give his daughter's good men, not idiots.
70. Start making afghan's for the homeless again.
71. Travel Europe for a month with Hubby.
72. Clean out the's very scary in there.
73. Redecorate the kid's rooms. (Burgundy paint with gold spray paint??? Blech!)
74. Buy an antique bed.
75. Watch African children Africa (and not the Africa at Busch Gardens).
76. Take a mission trip with Kris.
77. Get a passport (sort of important with all my out of out-of-country goals).
78. Buy an electronic gadget in Japan...then spend 3 years trying to figure it out.
79. Hold Beth's baby...after he/she is born.
80. Attend 20th high school reunion looking hot, hot, hot!
81. Watch Hubby hold our first grandchild....but not for a very, very, very long time.
82. Attend at least one of Kelly's colorguard competitions.
83. Help raise money for
Jade and Joe. (Jade has autism)
84. Give Maisie flowers after a dance recital...after she learns to dance.
85. Find something made in America in China.
86. Cheer for Carson in a T-ball game.
87. See and photograph the Aurora Borealis wearing a very large jacket...with my new camera.
88. Be a bridesmaid in my baby sister's wedding.
89. Have my mom and bio mom meet.
90. Visit my grandma's grave.
91. Ski in the Swiss Alps...okay, watch Hubby ski in the Swiss Alps (I hate snow skiing).
92. Float down the a very large boat.
93. See Adam Lambert in concert with Reyna.
94. Discover a way to promote Kelly's friend Ben and his amazing dance talent.
95. Surprise Melissa by stopping by her store unannounced.
96. Buy a CD/DVD scratch removal kit...that actually works.
97. Take Kelly to see "So You Think You Can Dance."
98. See my son fall in love with and marry the girl of his dreams.
99. Eat a fabulous dinner prepared by Chef Kris...preferably way before #100.
100. Die before Hubby. (Can someone cross this off my list after it happens, please?)


  1. You forgot ride on an airboat on the head waters of the Everglades!!! I can't believe you forgot that one LOL

  2. You're right! I'm sorry. Get with your brother. I don't think we have anything planned for a while. Kids get out on Thursday. I need to start another list!