Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mommy, you're mean!

This is what I heard today as I was fixing my darling 5 year old son, Carson, his favorite sandwich – jelly. When I added a Jell-o fruit cup, animal crackers, and low sugar apple juice, I heard it again.

Why am I so mean? Because after spending almost two hours on the computer, I thought it was time for a break. It was also lunchtime and we have a "no food or drinks at the computer rule" (which, of course, doesn't apply to me).

Instead of sitting down with his little sister and eating the sandwich he must have at least twice a day, he sat behind me and kicked whatever toys were in front of him screaming "It's not fair!" Since I've been a grown-up for almost half my life, I really wanted to yell back "Life's not fair!" But, seeing as he's only a little boy, I simply suggested he eat his lunch and when he's finished, he can go back to playing.

Eventually, he was distracted by Noggin's new show Toot and Puddle… well, for a minute anyway. Then I heard, "I thought you were going to be a nice mommy." This from the cute munchkin who, three hours ago, was sitting on my lap as we read stories and did workbooks to get him ready for Kindergarten. Am I always this good of a mommy? No. But lately I've been trying harder and today is one of those "I'm being a good mommy" days. At least to me. Carson, however, has a completely different opinion.

It could be worse. He could be the kid of a mom who was recently arrested for threatening to kill her kids:

"Brinkley (the mom) became upset because the children were tired and would not answer questions about their day. Brinkley threatened to leave since no one cared about her. When no one reacted, she asked the children if they "loved mommy”. After Esposito (the dad) told the children to go into the computer room, the mother picked up a small glass table and threw it at them. When Brinkley began crying, the children ran after her. In the report from the Marion County Sheriff's Office, that's when Brinkley grabbed a butcher knife, held it in an attack position and said, "I'm just going to kill you mother [expletive]." When they did not answer, she began yelling obscenities."

Ummmm, yeah, THAT would make me want to love my mommy. Some people just shouldn't be parents!

I think maybe I'll remember this tactic the next time Kelly, who is 15, decides her life is horrible and she wants to live somewhere else.

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