Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Slacker Fattie vs Skinny Bitch

I'm at a darn plateau again. Or maybe it's that I sat around and ate junk two weekends ago. I did manage to work off the three pounds I gained. Seeing the scale at 121 was great but ticked me off at the same time. Had I NOT cheated, I'd finally be under 120 for the first time in six years. Rrrrrrr!!!!

I went into these two weight loss competitions ready to blow everyone out of the water. I told my trainer, Douglas, that whatever I needed to do, I'd do it. That was a very stupid statement. I thought doing three cardios a day would be a piece of cake. That was a very stupid thought. I think, in the last two months, I've completed three in one day once, maybe twice. I try to do at least one but sometimes even that doesn't happen. Why? Life gets in the way. I have four kids to take care of, laundry to do, food to cook, and dishes to wash. Bullshit. I'm lazy. I have plenty of time to exercise, I just choose not to.

I realized this one day then stopped to scold myself. No, I don't often talk to myself like some certain members of my family, but on this day, I did. Slacker Fattie was whining about not wanting to exercise. Skinny Bitch yelled back, "You must not want to win the competitions and have a great body as bad as you thought you did, huh?" I really don't like Slacker Fattie. She's a bore. She's lazy, likes to eat junk food, and really not much fun to be around. I like Skinny Bitch. She follows the Sexy Meal Plan, works out, and likes to have fun. She wants to go to South Beach for her birthday and look smokin' hot. There's a constant battle between those two. And yes, I'm perfectly aware that I sound like I have a multiple personality disorder. Being a Gemini, however, I actually do. So ha!

So what to do? Today, with a splitting sinus headache, Slacker Fattie wanted to go back to bed after she ate her Fruit Loops (bad Fattie!). Skinny Bitch took a Sudafed, some Goody's, then did the looooong version of Core Rhythms which is 50 minutes. Oh, and she ate an apple, yay! Even better, she had grilled broccoli and brussel sprouts for lunch.

I'm hoping Skinny Bitch will continue to prevail today despite this headache. May 6th is going to be here entirely too fast. I don't want it to come down to having a week left and saying, "Oh, shit!" I know I should be further along than I am, but I have to be proud of how far I've come. Losing 19 pounds in eight weeks isn't bad. You know what? It's pretty damn good!

Losing weight isn't easy. It's a damn hard job which is why so many people struggle. We don't want to do what it takes to lose the weight and then keep it off. It's so much easier to eat junk food and sit around on our butts. Those of us who choose to get off our asses and make healthy food choices, lose the weight and become healthier. We are the winners. Those of us who choose to be lazy and stuff our faces with food become fat and develop all different kinds of medical problems. We are the losers.

Which one do you want to be?

Slacker Fattie Tip – Stop creating excuses to not exercise. In the past eight weeks, I've exercised when I had a horrible cold, had excruciating menstrual cramps (sorry guys, but it's a fact of life), had a severe sinus headache, when I was depressed, when I was tired, and when I really, really, really just didn't want to. Skinny Bitch is winning and soon, Slacker Fattie will be gone forever.

Sexy Meal Plan Tip – Eating breakfast is so important in losing weight. You need a healthy breakfast to jump start your metabolism and keep you energized for the rest of the day. Here's another great recipe from fitnessmagazine.com:

Vanilla Spice French Toast with Apple
* 1 egg plus 2 egg whites
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* Dash each of cinnamon and nutmeg
* 2 pieces whole-grain bread
* 1/2 medium apple, sliced

Make it: Whisk eggs, vanilla, and spices together. Dip bread into egg mixture. Spray skillet with cooking spray and saute bread on each side until brown (about 3 minutes). Top with apple slices.

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  1. keep up the good work, you're right 19 pounds is a lot in that amount of time!
    Roo :)