Monday, March 9, 2009

Be Perfect Today

When I got to AnyTime Fitness today, I asked Chris who works there, if he knew how many of the Waist Watchers contestants came in to do their official weigh in. Seven. Seven? Seven! Out of 25. Ummm, hello people! Free trip to NYC! Come on!

At the very least they could have had 3 months free at the gym. Most said it was too far to drive as we had to use the South Tampa location....did I mention it was free? There are 3 AnyTime Fitness locations closer to me but I drive the 15-20 minutes because it's FREE. Apparently one woman came in for a consultation but was never heard from again. Then there's The Guy. The only Guy in the competition, I think. The Guy seems to be my biggest competitor since he seemed very confident the day I met him at the kick-off. Plus, no offense, The Guy has a lot more to lose than me. I hope someone did his fat percentage because I want to blow him out of the water on that! But, alas, the rules are whoever loses the most. Well, me and my measly 25 pounds that need to be shed are still going to work hard. As I've said before, even if I don't win the contest, I'll still win because I'll have my body back. The one that my kids stole from me. I'm taking it back, kids! It's mine! mine! mine!

Douglas issued me a challenge. To be perfect for a week. No food cheating. No skipping out on cardios. Can I do it? I'm sure going to try. My mom always told me to do my best and that's all I can ask from myself.

Later, I received a text from my favorite trainer (ok, he's my only trainer, but he's really good). It said "Be perfect today!" Three simple little words with such a huge meaning. They are now in standby on my phone (that means that whenever I check my phone those 3 words are on the screen). Behind those words is a picture of my ultimate goal. I'm not sure if I'll ever get there but Jennifer Nicole Lee's before pictures were worse than mine. She issued a challenge for herself like I did. Baby steps, though. I'm busy working on being perfect this week. Actually becoming perfect is a different story all together!

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  1. Be perfect today? Um thats a bit of a huge expectation out of your self dont you think? Then, what- when you arent perfect you feel bad...............i have three little words for you that should offer more motivation than that
    WE LOVE YOU!!!! there- now go have a good day!