Friday, March 6, 2009

Recently crowned Queen of the Dorks

It's been a week since I've written a post. Something was going on in computer world and it took me a week to figure it out. Well, I didn't figure it out, Kris did. Poor thing has to deal with my constant computer illiteracy difficulties on a daily basis. She got home from Austria and I could finally tell her that my blog was lost. I sought help from the help center and all they could tell me was that I was probably using the wrong email address. I tried both of them multiple multiple times! Kris assures me, as she's waiting to catch her flight home, that she will find my blog and apologized for leaving me. Beth, friend and fellow blogger, also tried to find it. I'm blessed to have such wonderful and supportive friends.

I got home from the park today and Kris tells me the email she typed in and that it came right up. Seriously? Oh, my flippin' gosh! Someone as unorganized as me should only have ONE email address. NOT 4. Yes, you poor people at, I was using the wrong email address.

I owe all of you who read my blog a huge apology for being such an incredible dork. Those of you who know me are laughing hysterically, tears and all, rolling on the floor and thinking, "Yup, that's Katie!" Only me.

This leaves me wondering why in the world I would use an email address that I never use. I don't even remember why I signed up for that one. Why? Why? Why? I ask myself. Well, because that's just me. I've always been a dork and will obviously not only always be a dork, but I will only become dorkier as I age.

Anyway, my dorkdom aside, I have a lot to catch up on as I've been writing posts the old fashioned way. With a chisel on a piece of stone. Ok, not really, I used a little chalkboard and a piece of chalk. Hahaha! Alright, alright. I used pen and paper. Honest.

There is still one lingering question: How did I wind up being signed out of my blog in the first place? Hmmmmmm.......I know that it wasn't ME. I'm positive about that one.


  1. Ummm...I did try, but you only gave me 2 of the 4 e-mail addresses you seem to own. DORK!!!! HEHEHE!!!! Glad to have you back again.

  2. HAaaaaa again THIS is exactly why YOU are used as the mascot!!!!!! I think i even asked if you were typing it all in correctly...HAaaaaaaaaaaaaa NERD!

  3. Yep, you're a dork Katie! I remember you asking me what you could do with the set of butterfly wings image ahwile back! haha

    So now how many email addresses do you have or did you forget your passwords? When you have forum mails, blog comments and Twitter, I guess you don't really need emails!!

    The good news is, it's good to be a'll get a lot of tips and how-tos from friends!

  4. Kelly, I still have the email, smarty! I just can't find any good pics of the kids. I'll try to take some soon. Thanks for sending the wing! The email address you have is the 1 I check 100x a day. Only have 1 other for rmssnowdrop. :)~