Friday, March 6, 2009

Slacker Fattie Katie comes home

March 2nd

Ugh! She came back!

After winning the Sheep Shearing Contest in New Zealand, Fattie came home...with a cold. I let her hang around Saturday and Sunday. She did a 30 minute salsa DVD then spent the rest of the weekend on the couch or in bed.

Monday morning, I shipped her off to Alaska for some whale watching, dog sledding, glacier viewing and duck hunting. Maybe she'll spot a polar or grizzly bear or go crowberry picking. It'd be great if she had success with gold panning! Fattie better not bring me back an oosik, gross. Watch out for moose!

So here I am, the skinny bitch, left with a lingering cold, a gain of 2 pounds from the 1,000 calorie cocktail Fattie downed and a messy house. This happens every time I get all hyped up about losing weight. I get sick, injured or certain female issues pop up.

Despite how I feel, I'm doing 3 cardios today. And cleaning the house. Normally, I would take another day to rest. But not today. This is due mostly to an email I got from Douglas after I told him Slacker Fattie Katie was sick. "Suck it up and get your butt off the couch" was his reply. This may sound harsh to some, but it's what I needed.

Six years and 2 kids ago, I went to a gym 3 times a week for almost 2 years. There was a personal trainer who was included in the membership (that was nice). Joe pushed me every workout. When I thought I was done with a set, he'd make me do one more. Then one more. I need someone pushing me because Fattie won't do it (curse her laziness!).

Slacker Fattie Katie does not push or focus.....but Skinny Bitch does.

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