Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's ok to fall off the horse...

as long as you get back on. I haven't necessarily fallen off, I'm just kind of hanging off to the side a bit. Like my foot is caught in the stirrup and doesn't want to let go. This is ok, as long as my foot doesn't slip. And it's not going to slip because I'm not going to let it. I'm going to use every ounce of strength in my wimpy little arms to pull myself back upright.

Just about everyone who is trying to lose weight has set backs. I haven't had one in a while. I'm just not moving forward as much as I'd like to be. Not yet a plateau, though. Originally, I thought the Dreaded Meal Plan (now called the Sexy Meal Plan) would be the hardest part. I thought three 30 minute cardio sessions a day would be a piece of cake. Boy was I wrong! I finally do at least one and usually two a day. It's a rare day that I manage to squeeze in three. But I need to make sure I do three or I will plateau. The all important strength training three times a week is a must, as well.

Once I got through the first 2 weeks of my newly revised meal plan (remember, meal plan, NOT diet) I found I didn't miss a lot of the foods I knew I couldn't live without. I grew up on Frosted Flakes, Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs, and Cap'n Crunch with whole milk. I'll probably have a bowl every once in a while for old times sake but won't go back to eating it every day after these competitions are over. I don't miss Rice-a-Roni or pasta. I do miss a good bread, though and pancakes, and waffles, and ham, and soup, and , and.......

Ok, I'm back on the horse again. My butt is securely in the saddle. I've wavered off and on the meal plan and exercising the past couple of weeks. It's time to kick things up a notch since I'm on the down side of the Waist Watchers Contest as of this Wednesday. My cyber friends are going to have to miss me a bit. My cyber family will wonder where I've gone. My blogs may be shorter or written in the wee hours of the night or morning (hopefully they'll make sense). I have until May 6th to make as big of a difference in myself as possible. I can do it. I know I can. Feel free to ask me if I've done all three of my cardios. Comment and ask what I've eaten. I'll tell you honestly. Why? Because if I lie, I'm only cheating myself. And lying to you. How can I be a good roll model if I lie to you? I've made myself accountable to you, Hubby, my trainer Douglas, my friends, family, and most importantly, to myself. I can and will do this.

Slacker Fattie tip- Get up. Right now. That's right, I said, "GET UP!" Go move for 30 minutes. Walk in place. Jog in place. Put on some music and shake what you're mamma gave you. Go on a bike ride. Oh, or you could borrow my friend Melissa's, son. She's offered to rent him out to you if you don't have your own kids to chase around outside. Just make sure you return him in the condition you received him (or close to it). I'm getting up off my butt, too, right now.

Sexy Meal Plan tip- I don't fry anything (ok, except for the chicken and hush puppies I made tonight, but only because Hubby grew up on good Southern cooking and it's not his fault he married a Yankee girl). I will lightly sautée in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or a bit of butter, or canola oil but I do NOT drown food in vegetable oil. Yuck. No frying, got it? Hubby only gets fried chicken about once every three months so I hope he enjoyed it.

PS Updated Thing 1 and Thing 2 pictures will be done of Friday. I hope you see a difference.

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