Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Technology, fitness, and me

I try to get to AnyTime Fitness at least 3 times a week but with my schedule of 3 cardios a day, that means I have to find other ways to exercise. If you have a treadmill, elliptical, etc at home that's great! I don't, so I have to get creative so my body doesn't get bored and plateau.

When I'm not strength training with Douglas, I use fitnessmagazine.com. I find TONS of different exercises to target all areas of my body. My favorite are any of the video exercises like "Get Tank Top Toned" or "Look Sexy in Shorts." These are much easier for me because I can see exactly what I'm supposed to do. For those of you who are not visual learners, you'll be able to use the written exercises as well. I usually wind up reading them five times, saying, "Huh?" and find a video instead.

In the playroom/dining (makes 1 giant playroom) alone, we have 3 tv's, 3 DVD players and one VCR. Can I use any of them? No. I was getting frustrated because I have several FitTV shows recorded on the DVR but Maisie and Carson are always watching their cartoons. This is why I brought out their little TV from their room. I was allowed to use it at first, but then Maisie took it over. If I try to put in an exercise DVD, all hell breaks loose even if she wasn't watching it! I tried their portable DVD player, but of course, it wouldn't read my DVD. The VCR is hooked to their big TV, so there goes my Billy Blanks Tae Bo video. I've been trying so hard, after my regrouping, to get in 3 cardios especially with the Waist Watchers 1/2 way point coming up. I got creative....for me. I took my Core Rhythms DVD (no more sit-ups for me!) and put it in the computer for my first workout of the day. It worked!! The best part? Both kids came over to watch it. With both of their TV's playing different cartoons. What the heck?

What about the 3rd TV, you ask? That's for the Wii. Poor Reyna lost her TV since Cartoon TV can't be used for the Wii. Wii TV will sit their all day, not being used UNTIL, I decide to play. Don't get me wrong, our Wii gets played every day. But many times, no one wants to play until I get on. As I've mentioned before, I don't play Wii like a lot of people do. We have Beach Sports, Winter Sports, Tiger Woods Golf, some Sponge Bob game and the game it came with. When I bowl, I do the whole lunge thing like I'm in a bowling alley. Great butt and thigh workout. When I play tennis, look out! I have to clear the dining room of all toys and small children. I'm all over the place and always set it to play best of 5 sets. Before each serve and in between sets, I jump like I'm jumping rope. When I play beach volleyball, it is pure entertainment for my kids. Last night I put on my ipod, turned on beach volleyball, chose 5 sets and prepared for my 3rd cardio of the day (second was jogging in place for 30 minutes which I need to stop doing as it kills my poor dancer-knees). Deep squats, high jumps followed by side kicks, and imaginary rope jumping in between each serve had me sweating and close to an exercise headache (which I get when I overdo it) 40 minutes later. This would make more sense if I could attach a video but technology and I don't mix well so do your best to imagine a 35 year old mom jumping and flopping every where while booty dancing and jumping with an imaginary rope.

Oh, and I can't forget about my "bookmarks." I discovered mini-workouts on youtube one day. I now have a folder for them so I can find them easily when I want short workouts. I love the Zumba, salsa dancing and thigh workouts. I still need to buy another hula-hoop to replace the one my wonderful children took and broke so I can become a master hula-hooper.

Slacker Fattie Tip – Workouts should be fun! Find something that interests you, then do it all out. Make a fool of yourself. Just get up and get moving!

Sexy Meal Plan Tip – Write down everything you eat for the first 30 days of your new change. It helps so much to see what you're eating and what exercises you're doing. I stopped after 30 days because I now have control over myself and what I allow myself to have. Write it down as long as you need to.


  1. haha!!! I could have written this myself except for all the lingering children. (okay here comes a fitness snob comment so be prepared) Hey look up turbulence training if you get a chance on youtube, talk about killing yourself...eee gats