Monday, March 16, 2009

Dad cubed

Yesterday I shared with you about both of my moms. Today, I thought I'd share with you about my dads. All 3 of them.

Daddy is my real dad. He's the one who took me fishing under the Eau Gallie bridge. He’s the one who let me snuggle with him in his recliner that only he sat in. He's the dad who cheered me on at soccer games and quietly took pictures of me at my dance recitals. Daddy is the one who taught me how to ride a bike and drive a car. He's the one who rushed me to the ER when I got in my 2nd car accident (neither were my fault). He's the dad who taught me to flip my head over when I was blow drying my hair, it was quicker (a tip I've since passed onto my daughters).

Daddy is the one who gave me away on my wedding day even though as we stood at the top of the stairs I said, "Daddy, don't give me away." After 16 years of marriage, he's still my Daddy. He's the dad who was happy and proud each of the 5 times I made him a Bubby (grandpa). He's the dad who, like my mom, knew what Hubby and I were going through when we lost Jacob. He's the dad who
wanted a little girl so much after losing his own son. Daddy is the dad who still lets me snuggle on his lap in his recliner (not the same one) that only he sits in. He's also the dad who reads to my children in that same chair. He's my real Daddy.

Then there's my biological dad. He's the dad who sent me an email minutes after he received the letter I sent him letting him know who I was. He's the dad who said these first words to me that I'll never forget – "I've been wondering for the last 5 years if I would receive a letter like this." No words can express the joy in my heart knowing he'd thought of me. He's the dad who has learned to accept my hugs because I'll never stop giving them. He's the one who drove 2 1/2 hours so I could spend our first Father's Day with him and drove another 2 1/2 hours to watch Kelly perform at a football game, then take my family out to lunch the next day. He's the dad who sneaks money to my kids knowing they love him even if he didn't spoil them. My bio dad is the dad who wants to get to know me unlike so many biological dads and he's real, to me.

Then there's my step-dad. Well, he is my biological step-dad. He's the dad who isn't technically my dad in any way but accepted me as his daughter from the moment my bio mom received my letter. He's the dad who loves me as he loves his daughters, my sisters. He's the dad who pokes fun at me just like my other dads. He's the one who greets me with a hug like I've been in his life all along. He's the dad who, 3 months before my letter came, agreed to help my bio mom look for me without hesitation. He's the dad who calmed me down after my youngest sister got in a car accident coming home from visiting me. My step-dad is the dad who supported my mom when she told him about me and never judged her for the decision she made. He is my step-dad and is real, to me.

I am blessed to have 3 dads who all love me and care about me. Most adoptees are very lucky to find their biological mothers. Some are lucky to be accepted. Few ever find or are accepted by their biological fathers. This is another reason mine is a Fairytale story.

Slacker Fattie Tip – If you gain back some of the weight you lost this is not an excuse to throw in the towel. Use it, instead, as motivation to work harder. A week and a half ago I gained back 3 pounds. It made me mad and I fought hard to lose it, as well as another pound.

Sexy Meal Plan Tip – Have chicken and veggies for breakfast. I got tired of eating egg whites and oatmeal so I tried this. Who said you had to eat chicken only for dinner? It's your meal plan (remember, not diet, meal plan). You decided what you eat and when, no matter how weird people think you've become.


  1. You're drowning me angel! I'll read this to dad when he calls tonight. Bet he'll have a tear or two too! We love you so much!

  2. Adorable picture! There is no one better than Daddy to a 'lil girl... great post, Kathryn <3

  3. OMG, The last 2 post have made me cry! Who know you were such a good story writer!!
    Love, Rhonda

  4. Thanks, Rhonda. The next post will get you, too!

  5. I love this post, made me tear up. Sorry, I am behind on my blog reads due to having da man here. Great blog Kath muah!!! You are on lucky girl.