Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taking time to regroup

I need to regroup. I'm not used to long term goals. I have recently started setting short term goals which I suggested earlier. Today was a hard day and I decided I need to take a break. These weight loss challenges have consumed my life. It's all I think about. It's all I talk about. I'm surprised my poor friends haven't kicked me out of our emailing group. Instead of telling me to shut up and get over myself, they look at my Sexy Meal Plan and give me suggestions to liven it up some.

I'm learning that short breaks are needed when achieving long term goals. This does not mean that I'm going to go crazy. I'm not going to eat a bunch of junk food or sit around on my butt all weekend. I will still stick close to my plan, but if I see a small snack that I really want, I'm going to eat it. Like my friend Kris says, “Everything in moderation” (I hope I got that right). In her opinion, if I don't ever allow myself a small taste of things I love to eat, I'll be more tempted to overdo it and pig out.

Most of my day was going pretty well. Nothing exciting but our email group was providing me with lots of laughs. Carson and Maisie wanted to go outside as it was a beautiful day. Then I got a phone call from the Office of Vital Statistics. I knew it couldn't be good. It never is when they call or send me mail. Here's a little background as to why they were calling:

I was adopted at birth by 2 amazingly wonderful, loving parents. I grew up knowing I was adopted and wondered all the time who my biological parents were and if they ever thought of me. I started searching at 18 (the legal age for Florida). I'll elaborate another time, but for now, you're getting the Cliff's Notes version. Last March, after searching for 17 years, I finally found them. This meant, among many other things, that I could get my original birth certificate (OBC).

First, I had to send in 3 notarized forms stating that everyone agreed it was ok to get my OBC. One from me, one from my adopted parents, and one from my biological mother. I mailed those in. Then I got a letter telling me they needed a copy of my driver's license and money (it's the government, they always want money). So, I sent that in. THEN, I get the call today. Mine and my bio mom's were the wrong forms. WTH?? They couldn't have told me that when they sent the "we need money letter"? It wouldn't be that big of a deal except for the fact that March 29th is the one year anniversary of meeting for the first time. I really wanted to be able to give my bio mom my OBC, THEN! After crying, yelling and apologizing to the poor woman on the phone, I accepted that she would mail the correct forms out to me. It's not her fault the government doesn't give a rat’s ass about adoptees rights.

So, my dream of doing strength training and 3 cardios today went out the window. Haha! I can hear
Douglas right now. "Suck it up and get off your butt." I will. On Monday. If I feel like getting off my butt before then, I will. I'm taking 2 days to myself to regroup. Monday morning, I'll be back and ready for war. Oh, today wasn't a total loss. I did do plies for a minute. (insert very happy, sarcastic smiley, face, here)

My short term goal is to lose as much as possible by March 25th. This is supposed to be our midway point for the
Waist Watchers contest and Channel 10 is having the contestants come on the news to see how everyone is doing. I can make a difference in a week. I know I can. I have faith in myself. I also have a wonderful support system. My email group will be yelling at me to get off the computer and do cardio. They'll be keeping tabs on what I'm eating. My blog followers will be on the edge of their seats waiting for updates. BTW, if you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you'll see what's called a ticker. It's supposed to be moving to the right. If you see it move to the left, feel free to send me a nasty comment.

Wow, Kris was right.....again. Writing does help. I'm not in such a crappy mood anymore. Good enough to go play some Wii sports, but not good enough to do Tae Bo. Oh, and in my house, you're not allowed to sit down and play Wii. I sweat when I play.... a lot.

Slacker Fattie Tip – (as inspired by a question from my friend Melissa). If you want to tone, more reps less weight. If you want to look like the Hulk, more weight, less reps (at least that's what several trainers have told me).

Sexy Meal Plan Tip – indulge yourself. Have an Oreo. No, not a whole package. And, no, not a whole row. ONE is not going to kill your newly, healthy, modified meal plan (not diet, meal plan).

PS. I lost another pound so I had to change my ticker from 127 to 126 AND lost 3.75 inches since March 1st. Yay!

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