Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'll stick with my desk top, thank you.

I have to share my desk top with the kids. Yesterday when I got up to do my first cardio exercise, Carson wanted to play nickjr.com. He was still on after I finished so I decided to use Reyna's laptop. I'm new at these things. I don't really like them other than the fact they are easily moved.

I spent 10 minutes untangling 2 mouse's from several other computer related cords because this is my biggest issue with laptops. I like my roll all over the desk mouse. After struggling to get them separated, I turn the laptop over and over, around and around looking for the place to plug in a mouse. I can't find one. Maybe there's some secret hatch that opens up so I can plug one in. (I later am told by Hubby that it takes a certain mouse, like the one he used to have before I ran it over with the vacuum cleaner.)

I saw a switch on the front of the computer for the sound so I turned it off because I didn’t need the sound on. I turned the laptop on and double clicked on the internet symbol. It said yahoo couldn't be found. Hmmm. I tried again. I thought maybe I was in a bad spot for the wireless thing to work. A few minutes later I turned it off. I figured I would try again later. Oh, well, I needed to do another cardio anyway. (I burned 150 calories dancing around while folding laundry. Who knew it could be so much fun and such a good workout?)

When Reyna got home from school, I told her I tried to use her laptop but the internet didn't work. She asked if I turned it on. I said, "Of course I turned the computer on, I'm not an idiot!" She said, "No the internet." I told her I didn't know you had to turn it on.

So she goes and gets her laptop. She points to the "volume" switch and asked me if I moved it. I said, "Yes because I didn't need the sound." She looks at me like I AM an idiot and rolls her eyes. Then she says "That's the switch to turn the internet on and off. I can't wait to tell Daddy!"

It's become a family joke how completely computer illiterate Mommy is.

I'll stick to my desk top, thank you. I have enough trouble figuring that out as it is.

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  1. haha!!! old lady!!! Does your desktop have a black and orange screen? LOL!!!