Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sheep Shearing in New Zealand

Hi, you've reached the voice mail of Slacker Fattie Katie. I'm sorry she can't get to the phone right now, she's on a hiatus to New Zealand for the running of the sheep. Please leave a message at the beep. If she is Sexy by Summer or has a hot Watched Waist she will return your call after spring.....beeeeeeeeeeeep.

Ok, now that I've gotten rid of Slacker Fattie Katie, it's time to get down to business. At a play date today, Sexy by Summer organizer, Liz, gave me a set of 4 Latin dance exercise DVD's. I took the TV/DVD player out of the little kids room and put it in the kitchen so I can use them. I'm sticking to The Dreaded Meal Plan which, from here on out, will now be known as the Blessed Meal Plan. Or the Necessary Meal Plan. Hmmmmm, let me know what you think.

Gone are Fattie's excuses for not getting in 3 cardio sessions a day. Gone are Slacker's cheating habits. I've sent her away. Who am I? Oh, honey, let me tell you. I am the skinny bitch. I'm the thin chick living deep inside Fattie's body dying to get out. I've been cooped up in this hell hole long enough and I'm out and ready to get nasty.

While Chub-o Unhealthy Katie is busy shearing sheep in her platform's (thank you for the trip, Beth!), I will be in her place. Working this gigantic ass off. Getting rid of the swelled, post-preggo looking belly. Slimming those thunder thighs. Tightening the jiggly waving arms. She's going to be one proud sexy mamma when she gets home. Hubby is going to have to pick his jaw off the floor.
Douglas is going to be a proud trainer. Our friends are going to Woot Woot! till the sun goes down.

By the time Lent is over, Slacker Fattie Katie and I are going to blow everyone away. And Melissa is going to survive her no caffeine world (you can do it, sweetie!! I have faith in you!). Sorry, had to plug another hard worker.

In a few weeks, this inner skinny bitch will be ready to post an updated bikini picture. It won't be the final product. That doesn't come for another couple of months. You'll have to stay tuned for those.
The first focus is on getting Fattie's fat percentage down to 17% by May 6th. That outta help win the Waist Watchers contest. Next we will be toning up and getting ultra sexy for Sexy by Summer which ends June 15th.

The skinny bitch is in town and is here to stay. Let's do this sh@#!!


  1. You are so Welcome. And congratulations on winning the Sheep Shearing Contest. Your platforms were indeed the best for the job. LOL!!!

  2. Hey Kathryn,
    Keep up the good work!! How about calling the Dreaded Meal plan "the Skinny By Summer meal plan". Just a little FYI, Me and Patti (from across the street)are going to start walking Monday (she has to buy sneakers), and I did 7 min. on my elliptical last night!
    Thanks to you!

  3. Okie I know you can read this in private. Are you mad with Nupurdas1958 for her multiple blog entries? Were you referring to her? Listen Kat, I think she is Sammolsonkey. Nupurdas1958 has a few Diabetic blog entries freakingly similiar to her previous ones but with a twist, now she says Diabetics have to be watchful over what they eat (previously she said they can eat anything.)

    Also, CaroleParker was DIGGed by Buffon. As of the previous week, it's a mystery why she came in #3 when she could have easily gotten #1 with Buffon's support!

    Also, I realised that ratings do not show until at least a few others have rated. That explains why after rating sometimes I don't see the changes, and sometimes I see them.

    So come back to BB! You know I always support you and Shari because there are no other Health bloggers in there better than both of you! I can't blog in there every week because of my research work but at least I have the time to vote for you!

    Tweet me ok? You know where to reach me, even if you decide not to come back to BB (of course I will be sad but it won't change my perception of you), I am reachable at or my email addy is

    Please keep in contact with me no matter what! I've grown attached to you and your thoughts! I myself am keeping very close watch on the dangers of aspartame and anyone who may be in the pays of the corrupted ADA (American Diabetic Assoc).

    Just me,