Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Adopted Mom's Love Day

Thirty-six years ago today, a heartbroken mother felt her heart begin to heal. A father had a new daughter to spoil and love. Two little girls were able to feel joy in their home again. A few years after losing their son who had been hit by a car, a family was ready to move on. A baby was placed in their arms and in their hearts.

That baby was me. The day was then called their Love Day. My parents didn't tell anyone that they were adopting a baby because they were so afraid that something would happen. Maybe a home visit wouldn't go as planned. Maybe the birthmother would change her mind. So they kept it a secret.

The day after I was born, my parent’s lawyer and his secretary drove to the hospital where my biological mother gave birth to me. They picked me up and met my parents at their office where they placed me in my mom's arms. They took me home and allowed the joy of a new baby to put smiles on their solemn faces. My sisters enjoyed playing with my toys that I wasn't yet big enough to play with. They thought it was interesting to look down my throat as I cried. The happiness that filled this home was simply amazing.

Thirty-six years later, my parents are still so happy that I was given to them despite the little bit of hell I raised during my teen years. My sisters still love me even though eventually the cute little baby became the annoying little sister. I am blessed to have been raised in such a wonderfully loving home. I'm blessed to have to a loving family. I am blessed for celebrating another Love Day.