Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Men are jerks and moms are stupid...usually

Yes I realize I may lose a few male followers but this isn't about those of you who aren't jerks. Not all men are jerks because if they were, I wouldn't still be married (awwww). Since my 15 year old daughter, Kelly, and I are a lot alike I know when she's upset. She tried to shrug it off last night but within a matter of seconds the tears began to spill. As an experienced mom I've learned to translate conversations from children with food in their mouths. However, I've yet to decipher the words that come out between hiccups and sobs.

I finally managed to grasp the gist of Kelly's emotional breakdown. Her best friend of six years decided to dump her...the night before finals mind you. I've actually been very impressed that their friendship has lasted this long. We moved across the state almost three years ago but they've still talked or texted just about every day (thank goodness for unlimited texting).

His reason was that she'd changed and wasn't the same person she used to be. Ummm, she was nine when they met so yes, she has changed. They spoke/texted the day before and everything seemed fine. I know she's a full blown teenager now with mood changes that rival any Gemini (I am one so I should know), but she didn't change that much in the last twenty-four hours. To Kelly, my teen days seem somewhere before electricity was invented but in fact it was only twenty years ago that I was where she is now. I too developed an incredible friendship with a guy at a church youth retreat. We remained friends even after I got married. One day his letters stopped. I don't know why but they did. Through an amazing roundabout way, he found me a few months ago on Facebook. I did the biggest happy dance ever. Oh, sorry, I got off topic. Love you, G!

Anyway, I asked Kelly if BFF had a girlfriend. She said, "Yes." Hmmmm, could this be the reason for his sudden breakup of his best friend of six years? If new girlfriend found out BFF was talking to Kelly (who had almost 4,000 sent/received text messages last month, not just to BFF, though) maybe she put her foot down and didn't want BFF to talk to Kelly anymore. He has pictures of Kelly and many girls would be jealous of her. You may think I'm biased but if my kid was ugly, I'd tell you she was ugly. Mommy toot toot time- Kelly is 5'10" with incredibly gorgeous hazel eyes (other's opinions not just mine), long brown hair, and an infectious smile. She's very confident and a bit on the conceited side at times. Oh, and she does not look 15...back off old men! Ok, I'm done.

I was very proud of Kelly for saying she was going to tell BFF that he couldn't dump her when his girlfriends got mad then want to make up when he got dumped. Of course this was after she said she wanted to go mess with his MySpace (why do kids give each other their passwords??). I told her she was better than that. I guess we'll see how this all plays out.

As of right now, BFF is on the jerk list. As for me? Kelly actually took my advice . Usually she thinks I'm stupid and don't know what I'm talking about when we have this type of conversation. Wonder's never cease!


  1. Men are cruel. I know this because I am one :)

  2. Haha! Not all men are cruel. I do appreciate your comment, though. :)