Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stupid People

Hubby was driving us to the funeral today so I had an hour and a half to do nothing but listen to Maisie talk non-stop the entire way. As a seasoned mom of four, I've learned to tune my kids out. This practiced talent bugs the crap out of Hubby as he listens to them ask me the same question over and over...only I can't hear them! As Maisie was rambling about the bike she wants for her birthday...for the umpteenth time, my mind began to wander.

At first I started thinking about stupid parents. I picked up my phone with the 'notes' feature (a must for me and my ADD) and started typing in stupid things parents have done. This progressed into stupid things people in general do thus making them stupid people. If you do any of these things and are offended I apologize. Anyway, here's the list I've compiled so far. I'm sure I'll post more in the future as people (including me) do stupid things all the time.

I love this video of Bill Engvall.

Stupid is…
A mom who announces to the world that her daughter was photographed for the yearbook with no panties on.
A parent who puts their kid on a leash. If you want to use the cute little bear backpack, use it on your dog.
A mom who breast feeds her baby in the car. Infant was ejected from the car when Dad got into a car accident. Infant survived, mom is left, well...feeling stupid!
Any parent who doesn't put their kid in a car seat or seat belt. People think texting is a distraction? Try driving with six kids running all over the car!
People who feed alligators then wonder why they have one in their kitchen. Or are suddenly missing their dog or cat.
People who drive Smart Cars. If The Bus hits your Smart Car, you're not going to feel very smart anymore...if you feel anything at all.
Trying to steal 100 tubes of toothpaste from CVS.
Anyone who puts implants in their body...under a tattoo.
Dan Quayle.
Parents who buy large dogs, don't train them, then wonder why junior got bit.
Anyone who buys their spouse an "I'm with Goofy" shirt (yes, I did this).
Parents who think it's rational to allow kids to drink alcohol at home..."I'd rather them drink here than go out somewhere else and drink!"
Parents who allow their kids to have sex in their home..."At least I know what they're doing!"
Half the people on youtube (Google stupid people, the first several entries are youtube videos).
Anyone who plans an outdoor wedding during hurricane season.
Al Gore.

These people.

And especially these people
& the idiots who taped them.

More Bill Engvall.

"Just think how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of them are even stupider!"
--George Carlin

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