Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Inexpensive ways to decorate a kid's room

My kids share a room. Maisie is three and Carson is five. Maisie is into Tinkerbell and Carson is into Disney's Cars. This makes decorating their room a little difficult so since there are two of them and four walls each kid gets two walls.

When Disney's Cars came out we started buying the die cast cars for Carson. They were only releasing a certain number at a time so we hopped on the collector band
wagon buying two of each car when we could. In a giant blue bucket are the cars the kids are allowed to play with. The other set is on the wall except when Snowdrop pulls the tacks out so she can play with them (the tacks, not the cars). This is also an attempt to cover up the horrid burgandy and gold the previous owners thought looked good. By pre-ordering the DVD we received 4 small posters which we put up on the wall. I bought a poster with all the cars on it but Snowdrop (the cat not the ship) chewed the edges. So, I cut each car out and glued them across the top of two walls. My favorite cheap decorating tip is coloring pages. Not the kind in the book that your child scribbles in and is so proud of they litter the refrigerator door.

Bigger. Nicer. Mine.

I take my coloring very seriously. The kids are not allowed to use my set of 1
50+ Crayola crayons in the plastic tower. Yes, I did spend an hour organizing them all by color only to have someone dump them all out when I wasn't looking. I've even had friends suggest I color pictures and sell them. Like I don't have enough to do during the day. BUT, if anyone offered to pay me, I'd gladly do it. Ok, onto Maisie's half of the room.

The last two years her birthday presents have been wrapped in Tinkerbell
wrapping paper. I cut out the Tinkerbell pictures and flowers and glued them to the wall. I also bought her a Tinkerbell poster and a Disney Princess poster ($4 each at Wal Mart). Easy peasy decorating!

This summer I plan on repainting and experimenting with silk flowers and vines as well as plastic tools. It helps that the kids have an aunt who just graduated with a degree in Interior Design (Woot! Woot! Aunt Ro!). If I ever get it finished I'll post an update. In the meantime start cutting and coloring! It's cheap and easy.

If you click on the pics you can see the detail better, and my mistakes, and Maisie's blue crayon on the Beck picture and the orange marker on the Tinkerbell picture. :)

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