Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Side effects of Adderall

Any of you who follow rmssnowdrop on Twitter may have seen me tweet about having a slight health issue last night. No need to be alarmed, it was something minor. In the last 36 hours I had a pounding feeling in my heart along with headaches. I thought back on what could have caused this and decided it was actually remembering to take my Adderall. Curious, I headed to the all powerful Google and typed in heart pounding headache Adderall adult. I clicked on the first suggested website and voila! Side effects – let the fun begin:


Palpitations, tachycardia, elevation of blood pressure, sudden death, myocardial infarction. There have been isolated reports of cardiomyopathy associated with chronic amphetamine use."

Hold up. Wait! What? Sudden death?

Meaning I could be walking through the mall and splat! There I go! Or worse, yet, I'm driving The Bus with all four kids in it and off the Skyway Bridge I go!

Oh, and nice one slyly sticking "sudden death" in the middle like no one is going to notice. Brilliant marketing strategy. I can just hear how that meeting went:

Dr. Nerd: So, after observing the 50 patients, what were the common side effects?
Dr. Geek: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, sudden death.
Dr. Nerd: Hmmmm, I don't think we should put "sudden death" at the end. Let us put it in the middle. They speed read anyway and won't even notice.
Dr. Geek: I concur.

Guess what, Dr. Idiots? When we take our Adderall we're more focused and don't speed read! Which means we'll catch important words like "sudden" and "death."

I shared this new information with Hubby. "Hmmmmm," he said. Followed by, "Here's something me, Kevin, and Dave laugh about. The commercials on TV for prescription drugs that spend five seconds explaining what the drug is for and then thirty seconds telling the side effects. Our favorite is the one that has anal leakage as a side effect. That would have to be a serious problem for me to take a drug with the side effect of me shitting my pants all day!"

Yeah, that's great, Hubby. But did you focus on the "sudden death" part?

Hang on, let me go grab one of my Adderall for you...

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  1. haha This post is funny and frank, Katie (just realised I've been spelling your name wrongly all this while)!! >,<

    Here's some info:
    Adderall was first manufactured and marketed as a slimming drug under a different name (can't remember the name!) It was taken off and banned.

    When Adderall was banned in Canada (this time as a drug for ADHD), FDA pressured Health Canada to put the products back on shelves, which was exactly what happened.

    Later a neurosurgeon and pediatrist revealed how he found out that TOP influencing psychitarists made up the name ADHD, as a reason to get you and your kids on Adderall. The same way they diagnosed Gulf War soldiers with insomnia as "post-war trauma".

    A bloggersbase member told me his wife was wrongly diagnosed as having ADHD when she had a mitochondrial infection that made her depressed.

    The stuff that is causing hyperactivity is sugar and hidden toxic in fizzy drinks.

    This document by the neurosurgeon, Dr. Fred Baughman, tells you what that will shock most people: http://ow.ly/f9ln

    Hope this info is useful to you K!


    P.S. Yes, I am watching out for you but you can always do your own research. Don't depend on me for your life - I am too far from you lol