Saturday, June 27, 2009


Monday- I'll start The Dreaded Meal Plan (aka Sexy Meal Plan) tomorrow. I'm going to enjoy Maisie's third birthday dinner and cake today.

Tuesday- Today's the day! What? You want to order pizza? Ok, I don't have to have a slice. Pepperoni? Just one slice.

Wednesday- Just one small piece of cake. Because the weight loss contest ended so soon after my birthday I only got to eat a tiny piece of my own cake!

Thursday- Hot damn! I won the contest losing 17% body fat and 24 pounds! Now I need to lose the last 8 pounds. Tomorrow it's back to egg whites and plain, grilled meat (blech). Right now I'm having a celebration cocktail.

- We're meeting your friend and her mom at Waffle House at 7:00 in the morning before camp? I'll split a waffle with you. (lunch time) We still have those giant hot dogs from The Land and Sea Market? Fire up the George Foreman!
Another week goes by and I'm no closer to my goal. The above shows how easy it is to put off beginning to eat healthy. It's always "I'll do it later" or "I'll start tomorrow." When exactly is 'later'? Saturday? Sunday? Next Thursday? No, 'later' is today.

It's right now.

It's not reaching for the Cheetos sitting two feet in front of me.

It's grabbing a handful of blueberries next time I walk through the kitchen but ONLY if I'm hungry.

'Later' is the sushi grade tuna I got out for dinner and skipping the mac and cheese.

It's eating the home-grown green beans growing out back.

It's not eating the Italian bread baking in the bread maker (which smells REALLY good).
'Later' is waking up tomorrow and being glad that I'm out of pancake mix and Capn' Crunch. 'Later' is making smart choices today for a healthy me tomorrow. 'Later' is making 'later' mean "right now."

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  1. You were thinking of me when you wrote this, weren't you. ;)

    I'll come back and comment more...later.