Saturday, June 6, 2009

Final week of weight loss competition

This has been a very long journey and I'm glad it's coming to an end. On June 15th I'll turn in my last weight and measurements. Although I'd really like to win the grand prize I'm not sure I will. There are nine other moms who have worked very hard over the last six months. We all deserve to win:

  • $500 Gift Card for new clothing at Dillard’s.
  • Personal Shopping Trip by Kelly Machbitz, Certified Image Consultant: $300 A professional to help find the new clothes to flatter her new figure!
  • Hair Cut & Color by Mary Knaus at Salon Shimmer: $125
  • Brow Shaping & Professional Makeup Application by Merle Norman Cosmetics Belleair Bluffs: $50
  • (2) two hour photo shoot with Tracy Scott Photography & three free 8x10 prints 50% discount off of any additional prints purchased: $275.
  • A “WellMom” Makeover through Fit Chick Enterprises. This will help the winner stay on track and continue to lose weight and stay healthy after the challenge is over. It focuses on exercise prescription, diet/nutrition and goal setting. It’s a 3 hour appointment with a value of $350.

No matter what the outcome, I am so happy that I joined the Waist Watchers and Sexy by Summer challenges. My start weight of 140 pounds was so heavy for me and my small frame. I was frustrated anytime I needed to go out in public because none of my clothes fit. I had begun to live in my pajama pants and baggy t-shirts. Entering the contests gave me the motivation I needed to get out of my slump and get my body back. I'm almost to my goal weight and still have some time to get there. It's going to take a lot of work and self discipline which is very difficult for not just me but anyone, male or female, trying to lose weight.

I'm so excited that I've encouraged some of you to make positive changes in your life to get healthier. Some of you have started eating better, some have started exercising at home, and some have even joined fitness gyms. I am very proud of all of you and encourage you to keep up with you new changes.

Although this part of my journey is almost over, RMS Snowdrop will continue to travel the giant waves of the internet. This ship has grown so much since it set sail at the Waist Watcher's port. We have traveled to so many corners of the ocean and back again. I thank all of my followers and readers for climbing aboard this amazing adventure with me. I look forward to taking you to new uncharted territory as well as revisiting other destinations.

My final "after" pictures – whatever the result may be – will be posted either on (or shortly after) June 15th. Thank you for your support, comments, suggestions, and for the time you take to read each post.

Sexy by Summer countdown- 8 more days!

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