Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hot Dogs Cause Cancer

Yes, that's right. Now, the food linked with every American sporting event, the must have at picnics, the mystery meat we love to eat but don't want to know what's in it can kill us.

Doctors: link between cancer and hot dogs was the inspiration for this post.

I love hot dogs. And soda, and whole milk, cereal with sugar in it, lunch me
at, pizza, Kraft Mac and Cheese, candy bars, pop tarts, liquor, and a whole slew of other things that are bad for me. Why do I eat them? Because I only live once. Yes, I am eating better than I was several months ago but I still enjoy cheating from time to time.

I'm sure that in learning that hot dogs can cause cancer many people will stop eating them. Not me! Like I said, I only live once. I could get hit by a Mack truck tomorrow. Do I really want to die having denied myself certain pleasures? If we stopped eating everything that was bad for us we would all die of starvation. Even water has things in it that aren't good for us.

We've come to live in a world where we search for things that are bad for us. Remember drinking water out of the hose? Running around the neighborhood barefoot? Playing outside with other kids and not having a cell phone? Riding a bike with no helmet? We did all these things and we're fine. Though I do recommend kids wear a helmet.

My point is that we need to loosen up. Stop looking for all the ways we can die and appreciate for right now, we are alive. Eat a hot dog, go skydiving, see a Disney movie even if you don't have kids, dip into your savings and take the family on vacation.

Have fun.


Live for right now.

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