Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day in the life of....well, ME!

Every morning I'm woken up by a cute little face that loudly says, "Wake up Mommy! Isa great sunny day! Gimmie milk." Who can be grumpy after that?

This morning, I woke Reyna up so she could get ready for High School Musical II camp where sh
e plays the fat chick on the table...only she's not fat. Instead of making her lunch she was poking around in her room. Being the good mom I am, I sent her off with two bags of animal crackers, a thermos of water, and an "Iloveyouhaveagooddayseeyouatthree!"

As I was
making Hubby's coffee (he makes my cocktails so it's a fair trade off) I heard "Yoda pooped in the bathroom!"

Me: I'll get it after I finish your coffee.

Hubby: Yoda
pooped in the bathroom!

Me: I'll get it after I finish your coffee.

Hubby: Yoda pooped in the bathroom!

Me: I'll get it after I finish your coffee.

Why we thought this was a good way to start the morning I don't know.

Next it was time to check my email and spend two hours (though I swear it's only five minutes) chatting with other mommies on the site where I'm now the moderato
r for my section of Tampa. Toot! Toot! After posting on several different discussions I looked up to see my glasses on the I can see! We talked about whether or not a mom is preggo, that we need to start building Noah's Ark since there is a flood warning, Pole Dancing as exercise, and swapping wrapping paper. This is very important stuff.

A little bit later five year old Carson said, loudly, "I'm hungry!"

To which I responded, "I'm Mommy. Nice to meet you."

Carson: MOMMY!

Me: hehe

Me: What would you like to eat?

Carson: M
ilk, a jewwy samich, and cheese.

Me: In a minute.....(I was in the middle of an email)

on: Ooooooooo....(making pitiful "I'm dying a slow death" noises)

Me: Alright. Do you want one piece of cheese or two?

Carson: I don't want cheese on my jewwy samich.

Me: Duh (muttering of course). I know that. Do you want one piece of cheese or two?

Carson: I want milk, a jewwy samich, and cheese.

Me: I know. Do you want one piece of cheese or two?

Rrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I want milk, a jewwy, samich, and cheese. Two pieces.

Me: Coming right up!

Carson (5.42 seconds later): Is it ready yet?

Me: Working on it!

After giving Prince Carson his royal lunch, Maisie wanted to play outside in her little pool.

Me: You can't go outside, it's raining.

Maisie: No isnot!

Me: Umm, yes it is. Go look outside.


Maisie: I wanna go in my pool!

Me: It's raining (BTW, I live the movie Groundhog Day...every day)

I opened the door.

Maisie: Ohhhhh! Iss rainin.

She walked outside in her pink Dora bathing suit, stood in the rain, waved to the Davey Tree trimming guys, told me to fill up her basket of fish with water (which was impossible as the basket has holes in the bottom of it), got itchy, then wanted to go inside to tell Kelly that she played in the rain.

Later, while in the middle of fixing dinner, Kelly called to tell me the movie was over so I needed to pick her up. I got half way there driving through pouring rain only to have her call me and say Meaghan's dad can bring her home. Sorry, chica, but I'm still coming to get you.

I held a stuffed fish in my hand while I ate dinner.

Carson said, "Hold this" so I did.

There is a red paint brush in my refrigerator. ????

In an two hours I'll spend two hours trying to get Maisie to go to sleep while I play Spider Solitaire on my cell phone. I'll threaten to send her to her own bed at least 15 times, she'll have to go to the bathroom twice, and will need two bottle refills. I know she just turned three and should no longer have a bottle but she's my last baby so get over it. Finally, she'll fall asleep and look like a peaceful angel opposed to the whining, screaming, "No" shouting, jumping on the bed, running through the house, little devil that she's been all day.

My day ends with a relaxing soak in my garden tub filled high with soothing white bubbles, surrounded by vanilla scented candles, a book in one hand (currently A House Divided by Deborah LeBlanc), a 24 ounce Screwdriver in the other.....and a 120 pound German Rottweiler who gives me slobbery kisses then 'toots' generously knowing I can't go anywhere to avoid the smell.

Well, that's the end of a day in the life of me. Well not really the end but the rest is none of your damned business!


  1. I still love to read your funny post, I start laughing out loud and the guys start looking at me like I crazy.

  2. Well you know the craziness will end soon since you have older children too. But then again, does it ever end when you have children?

  3. Roo, haha. I love it when I make you look crazy at work!

    Connie, see how I constantly call my mom with my problems at 36, no, it never ends. LOL