Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blog Tags

What? You think this belongs in the "Internet" category? (-on BloggersBase, for those of you visiting RMS Snowdrop- to become a member click on their link to the right ) Well, you obviously don't know me very well because NOTHING I write belongs in "Internet" category. Ever. I am the polar opposite of computer literate. Just read Oh Where Art Thou Blog? then Recently Crowned Queen of the Dorks and you see why.

I've tried to research the whole "tag" thing and thought it had something to do with the number of times you used key words in your blog for search engines, like Google. Apparently I was wrong. This post has taken some time to put together and you'll see why in a minute.

I keep forgetting to use the "labels for this post" which I guess is blogspots term for "tags." I do, however, use the "tags" on BloggersBase (thank you BB for making this the one thing I actually understood from day one). BB has this neat tab that says, "Can't think of any tags?" You click on it and it's supposed to give you ideas for key words. I have to laugh when I see what they come up with.

Here are the "key words" BloggersBase suggested in my last few posts:

10,000 Steps- which is basically about finding ways to take 10,000 steps each day

Sony, Sony Ericsson W600i, cell phone

Daddy- which was obviously about my dad

John Wayne, microwave, Father's Day, tennis

Why Me?- which is about me wondering why nothing really bad every really happens to me-not that I'm complaining

Pop, Kevin, fatal car accidents, close family member, grade a cheerleader (I wonder if that's anything like grade a eggs? RIP Monica)

A Day in the life of, If I have to explain that one, you shouldn't be reading- period

Carson, Prince, Groundhog Day

My Other Dad- which was about a man in my life who was a father figure to me

Jeb, Father-in-Law, Itchnatucknee River, Southwind Retreat, neighborhood elementary school

And finally...

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain Product Review- also self explanatory

USD, slight chemical taste, Berry Smooch, Coy Coral, Berry Wink

This last one really confused me especially since I used the words "Covergirl Outlast Lipstain" several times throughout the post. Another thing I thought was confusing is that the lipstain comes in 10 colors, all of which I listed. Yet, only three were suggested as tags. Hmmmmm....

Matt explains tags a little bit

and Jay Allen just confused me even more with his Everybody Loves Tags post. BTW, I found both of these after typing "images tags" into Google.

Feel free to comment and attempt to help me understand this whole tag thing.

Oh, wait, I just discovered blogspot has a "can't think of any?" button but it's called "show all." I clicked suggested 'decorating kid's room'. Uhhhh....


  1. Okay, why is it hilarious to me that your labels for this post are "keywords" and "tags"? Hahahah. Am I just easily amused?

  2. Oh, I sooooo cannot wait to meet you in person this Saturday!!! I'm glad you laughed. On bloggersbase I've gotten a lot of "huh's?" Losers. hehe