Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Those little family sayings...

Do you ever have certain sayings that you share with friends or family members? Those little inside jokes? We have some in our family and I wanted to share a few with you. As I remember more I'll post them in the future. For now, here's a short list:

Since I have ADD, my kids like to yell out, "Look! A dog!" if I change topics in the middle of a sentence. It should irritate me but instead we all laugh hysterically.

On the way to take my oldest daughter to colorguard camp her friend Krista sent her a text telling her it was raining (Krista and her mom were ahead of us by 15 minutes). Now whenever it rains Kelly or I yell out "Look Krista! It's raining" even though 98% of the time Krista's not with us.

I was driving Kelly and her friend Mackenzie to Busch Gardens last week and we drove by their friend Russell's house. I started thinking about the different people I knew named Russell including their friend. I said, "Does it seem like all guys names Russell are geeky or dorky?" They contemplated this for a few minutes. Then it hit me, Russell Crowe is DEFINITELY not geeky or dorky. Then Kelly brought up Russell Simmons, again, NOT geeky or dorky. Anyway, for the rest of the day whenever Kelly or Mackenzie saw someone they classified as geeky or dorky they would say, "That guy is such a Russell." No offense to anyone named Russell.

While on vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia we were driving along when suddenly Hubby said, "Look! A train's been here." The girls who were seven and five at the time asked, "How do you know?" Hubby said, "They left their tracks." We had to explain it to them. This one still gets told whenever Hubby is in the car. Their friends usually have to have it explained to them, too.

Kelly and Hubby went to run errands today. Kelly had just shared the Bon Qui Qui youtube video with him so when Hubby called me to ask what I wanted for dinner he started yelling, "Bon Qui Qui! No complicated orders! Secuuritay!" This one is going to stick for a while, I can tell.

I'd been trying to find Eddie Murphy's Delirious DVD for Hubby for several years. I finally looked on ebay and bought it. We've always sang the Ice Cream song* when ever ice cream was mentioned so we laughed hysterically at seeing it again. Our kids just think we're nuts when we bust out singing about gettin' no ice cream and bein' on welfare. Wanna lick? Psyche!

Last night, Hubby went through the gate into our bathroom and my dog jumped up. I asked, "Did you just kick my dog?" He didn't but came back with "Yes, I kicked the dog*!

And, in memory of the King of Pop I'll include Eddie's Michael Jackson* skit. RIP Michael.

* Video contains explicit language

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