Monday, July 20, 2009

The Last 10 Pounds

Why are these always the hardest? Since winning the Sexy by Summer contest I gained back four pounds. Now instead of six pounds I have to lose, it’s ten... by next Thursday. And there's my updated bikini picture. I had to take it myself since my kids wouldn't take it for me. The backside one was horrible so you'll have to wait for that one next Thursday.

July 30th I'm going on my $250 shopping spree at Dillard's and getting my make-over. I want to be down to my final size by then. These next several days are going to be difficult just like the first few weeks when I started this journey.

I'm back to writing down everything I eat, trying to do more cardio every day, and doing some heavy strength training. We'll see how well I do! I've got a countdown on the wall again, too.

I plan on once again being accountable to you by sharing what I've eaten and what exercises I've done each day. This way you all can feel free to either praise me or yell at me depending on the choices I make.

So, here's what happened yesterday:

I ate Apple Jacks with whole milk for breakfast, French Onion soup for lunch, a handful of peanut M&M's for a snack, French Onion soup for dinner with a little bit of steak, mashed potatoes (with sour cream and cream cheese, yummy!), Zataran's rice and steamed squash seasoned with Mrs. Dash.

Ok, I know the only good thing was the squash. I'll do better tomorrow!

For exercise, I boogied for 40 minutes while doing the dishes and a total of 2 hours of boogieing doing laundry (6 people go through a LOT of laundry!). I finished up with the 5 minute Brazilian Butt Lift.

I know it's going to take a lot more than that to lose those 10 pounds in 10 days but I'm up for the challenge. Are you?

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