Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Guys Hamburger, Heaven or Hell?

Heaven, definitely. Mmmm. For about 5 minutes. That would be the 5 minutes that I was eating it. Then hell hit. That would be the cramps I got when my newly healthy (ummm, getting there) body decided to reject the bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions. I knew, even while driving to Five Guys, that I would be headed to AnyTime Fitness later. I guess it was a good thing that I only had 2 egg whites for breakfast. I burned those 17 calories driving to and from the restaurant hauling 2 small kidlets.

Of course I ran into Douglas at the gym, later. And, yes, I was honest and told on myself. He asked if it was worth it. Mostly no, it was not. But it was somewhat worth it, in a tiny way. I definitely won't be splurging like that again. It's kind of like when your parents tell you not to stick you finger in the light socket. You have to do it just to see what REALLY happens. Well, Douglas was right. It made my body feel gross inside. There is no way I'm cheating like that again. I don't care if I'm starving and there's only a bowl of cheesy pasta, or a greasy hamburger, or giant piece of cheesy pizza. At least until June 15th when the Sexy by Summer contest is over. Even then, I really don't think I'll go back to eating as bad as I did before I was introduced to The Dreaded Meal Plan. Who knew it would actually feel good to eat healthier?

To work off my 640 (ACK!) calorie lunch, I spent 10 minutes on the stair master burning 66 calories (I think that may have taken care of the bacon, or not.) I moved to the ellipticals which I love oh so much (NOT!) for all of 3 minutes taking care of the piece of cheese and onions (28 calories, maybe). I spent 40 minutes on the bike and burned half (209) of the calories from the hamburger and bun. Ok, not really. All of that took care of less than half of my splurge. Even with my two 20 minute jogs before and after lunch, I was unable to burn more calories than I ate. Seriously? Seriously. After the gym, thankfully Carson talked me into playing Wii tennis and boxing, baseball, and golf. I think that helped me break even for the day.

Nope, not worth it at all. Sorry to me, because that's who it hurt. I let myself down. I let my wonderful trainer down. It really sucks seeing the disappointment in someone's eyes when you've done something you shouldn't have. I felt like I needed to go in time-out.

Lesson learned, time to move on. Remember- tomorrow's a new day (I'll spare you the sunny "Tomorrow" song again).

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