Friday, February 20, 2009

Cardio Workouts Still Relatively Nonexistent

I'm eating an onion as I write this. That's correct. An onion. I am still depressed over yesterday's birthday celebration at Long John's Silvers. My son, for whatever reason, wanted fish. He hasn't had fish in over 2 years but that's what he wanted and LJS was the cheapest place to get it (Kelly campaigned for Red Lobster but was outvoted).

I didn't want to go because I knew there was nothing there I could eat. I was pleasantly surprised to see grilled tilapia on their menu! I ordered it without the rice but kept the vegetable medley, corn and breadstick. Hubby placed my order in front of me and I stared at it. Missing was my favorite fried fish, hush puppies, french fries and crumbs (the little pieces of fried batter that fall off the fish, mmmmm). Instead, I was looking at a white piece of something that resembled fish with some type of seasoning that I was sure I wasn't supposed to have but this was the best option. I took a bite. Blech. I took 3 more bites. Blech. Blech. Blech. I tried the veggies but they were just as bad.

Hubby saw me slipping into what I'll refer to as food depression. Being the good hubby that he is, he offered me a shrimp. And another. And one more. They tasted so good but I was left feeling so guilty. I have to be the judge and the jury when I cheat. It's really not worth it in the end. Yes, the food tasted good for the few meager seconds it was in my mouth but then it was on its happy way to clog my arteries and fuel the fat cells.

At least I resisted the chocolate cake. Douglas gave me a "D" for my food journal. It would have been an "F" but I got credit for only having a tiny bite of the cake. After all, it's not every day your only son turns 5.

(Off to lunch.....)

Tears, tears and more tears! I had lunch with my best friend from 9th grade. We hadn't seen each other in 20 years! It was so good to see Kristen. As I did back in 9th grade, I had to stand on my toes to give her a good hug. When we finally let go, we were both teary eyed. It was great to catch up and laugh with her and our other friend Becky (who acted as a TV for Maisie's entertainment). They both ordered the Chicken Quesadilla salad, mmmmmm. I ordered a plain hamburger. No bun. No seasoning. Just plain. And steamed broccoli and carrots. Determined to be a good girl, the first thing I did was cut the hamburger in half. I ate half and the other half is sitting in my refrigerator with the broccoli and carrots I didn't eat.

Lunch was over too soon and I had to go back to my real life as a Mommy. I had to go to Reyna's school and write a note getting her out of the scoliosis check and then pick up Kelly who called me to tell me she was dying (teen code for "I really don't feel good enough to stay at school”).

Then it was back to the "me" time that seems to have consumed 97.3% of my life – working out and The Dreaded Meal Plan. At least the muscle in my butt quit hurting from yesterday's torture chamber. I mean that in a positive way. After admitting to my Fried Shrimp Cheat to Douglas, I was able to semi-redeem myself by proudly stating that I got up off my lazy ass at 8:30pm and went onto the trampoline. I was aiming for 40 minutes but a cute 2 year old had a bad dream and cut my workout short.

My balance seems to be getting a little better which is a good thing. My knee didn't buckle when I stepped off the last step which shows I'm getting stronger as well. Yay! I brought along the 3rd Twilight book for my cardio time. I figured if I was immersed in the book I wouldn't notice how long I was on each piece of equipment. It worked pretty well for the stair master. I looked down just after 5 minutes. The elliptical…not so much. My Jell-O legs just weren't in the mood for that one. So it was off to the bike. I've taken to choosing the one with the seat closest to the pedals so I don't have to attempt to move it thus embarrassing myself even more as an obvious gym "newbie." I settled in, started pedaling and stayed there for an astonishing 15 minutes! Go me!

Oh, I really should have asked for help out of the store with the 40 pound bag of dog food I had to pick up tonight. It was a struggle to get it out the door and into The Bus with my sore and very tired arms. But I did it and now I have 2 happy-not-hungry-anymore dogs.

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