Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cheaters, cheaters never win

I'm eating healthy foods but I am not sure if it's healthy to eat so little. It's hard to tell. I'm not starving myself which I'd like to point out again. I eat when I'm hungry and only the portion sizes I'm supposed to eat. At the end of the day, when I add up my consumed calories, I'm shocked at how little I took in but I am also shocked that I was never starving.

I didn't cheat a single time yesterday! Go me! Woot Woot! (as my personal cheerleader, Kris would say). I have a great support group. My friend's, Kris & Melissa and I spend our weekdays emailing back and forth about weight loss (well, MY weight loss!), food (how sad mine is and how delicious theirs is!) and all about everyday life. They cheer for me when I lose yet another pound and pick me up when I have a bad day and cheat.

Beth is my text support. I text my updates and she texts me positive support as well as funny tidbits that make me laugh hard enough that I burn a lot of extra calories. I've already told you about my live-in supporters who help with name calling ("Fatty" and "Chub-o") and my wonderful son who enjoys playing with mommy's "squishy fat."

Another great support system is the women in the Sexy by Summer contest – although we still have no idea what the grand prize is. We get on a website several times a week to update our progress and cheer each other on. We all want to win, but we all want to see each other win as well. We're such nice mommies!!!

After my workout with Douglas yesterday, we chatted with another guy from AnyTime Fitness who knew about the Waist Watchers contest. He pointed out that I had to work harder than everyone else because I had the least amount of weight to lose. With me, every pound counts. Every ounce counts. Cheating is no longer an option. Not doing my 3 cardio workouts in a day is no longer acceptable. That one statement totally put things into perspective for me. Douglas is helping me get in shape and be healthier. I am helping me win. And I want to win, dammit! I've never been to New York City. I want to go and I want to turn thousands of heads while I'm there.

I'll say this more than once so get used to hearing it – I don't want to be "You look great for having 5 kids." I want to be "There's no way you've had 5 kids!"

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