Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The story behind RMS Snowdrop...

Well, here is the official story of how this blog came to be known as RMS Snowdrop. It's actually 2 stories combined into one.

It's a cat. What's a cat, you ask? Snowdrop is a cat (or Snowbop depending on which of my kids you ask). During the 2004 hurricanes our one cat became 7. The cute little stray, Princess, that we adopted blessed us with 6 cute scrawny kittens in the middle of one of the worst hurricane seasons in history. We kept 3 and gave 3 away to good homes. Reyna named hers, Francis (yes, after the hurricane), I named mine Screech (because that was the God awful sound he made right after he was born), and Kelly named hers Snowdrop (though we have no idea where she got the name). Snowdrop is fat. Not Garfield fat, but fat nonetheless.

I'm a HUGE Titanic fan. I will spend hours on the computer or curled on the couch reading about the ship, the passengers, the food, whatever I can find. Don't ask me any questions about it though, because my kids have zapped any memory cells that used to float around in my brain making it really hard to retain information about a topic I love. Anyway, about a year ago I checked out every book our local library had on the Titanic. Feeling the need for more information, I turned to the World Wide Web. I was reading somewhere about the Carpathia (the ship that finally came to Titanic's rescue). Apparently, several years later, RMS Carpathia needed to be saved itself after being torpedoed by U-55, a German submarine. What does this have to do with Snowdrop? The ship that rescued the survivors from the Carpathia was named, you guessed it, Snowdrop. And before you torpedo me with comments about how I got my information wrong, yes it’s really HMS Snowdrop not RMS. Remember that little tid bit above about not retaining information? Well, I was wrong by one letter. Deal with it.

Soooo, after discovering that something else in the world was also named Snowdrop, and because it was a giant ship, we started calling Fat Cat, RMS Snowdrop.

No, she's not my favorite cat or pet (that would be Max my German Rottweiler). I sat at the computer for 10 minutes trying to come up with a witty name for my blog. Several ideas floated through my head (they had lots of room to float) and I was about to give up. Along came Snowdrop, plopping herself right in front of me. Not in my lap, on my desk. Between me and the monitor. So all I see is a fat, hairy cat butt. She likes to do this often for attention, I think. I kept kicking her off but she kept hopping back on. So I took it as a sign. I typed in RMSSnowdrop and looked at it for a few moments. I shrugged and hit the button!

This concludes today’s story. Come back next week to hear another amazing story! Just kidding. You can come back tomorrow, though, and see what new and wonderful things happened in my oh-so-interesting life.