Monday, February 9, 2009

Official weigh in and kick off party!!

Friday, February 6th I went to AnyTime Fitness to do my "official" weigh in. The result? (drum roll please)............136.6 pounds.....ACK! Wow. Aside from the 5 times that I was preggo, I've NEVER weighed that much! Two and a half years ago, 6 weeks after I had my two year old, Maisie, I weighed 133. I worked hard (um, haha) and eventually was down to 120-125. Anyway, I got a tour of the gym, got my picture taken for my key, got my key and was on the road to skinnyness!

The next day, Saturday February 7th, was Gasparilla (Tampa's version of Mardi Gras....pirate style, ARRRRRRRRR!!! I'll spare you the pirate jokes). I had to carry Maisie about 2 miles to and from our bleacher seats (we started 20 minutes away from section 1 and I was excited to see bleachers....until Hubby told me we were in section 84!). Boy was that a workout! I was so sore all day Sunday, my poor hips and arms. My pedometer on my Sony Ericsson told me I'd stepped the equivalent of 8.8 miles! Ugh!

I'm going to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back for a minute. February 6th, 1996, I gave birth to Jacob. He had Trisomy 18 and lived for a short 6 hours. We found out two weeks before he was born that he had T18. Some years are good, some are bad, and some are ok. This year was a bad one as I cried a LOT. The past two years I ate my way through this time of year. This year, I joined 2 weight loss challenges!!! I refused to allow myself to get bigger just because I was grieving. I think Jacob would be proud of his mommy. :)

Sunday, February 8th became my Official official Weight Loss Kick Off Party (no more official kick off parties!). A friend of mine came over with pepperoni pizza, movie theater butter popcorn, and Twizlers. Add to that some Screwdrivers, and we had a good old time chowing down! The best part was waking up this morning, Monday February 9th (whew! Finally caught up!), getting on the scale and seeing the numbers 133.0 pop up! Who knew a strenuous 4 hour work out plus a night of chowing down would equal a 3.6 pound weight loss!?! Wahhhooooooo! Tomorrow, the real work begins... bring it on Fitness Trainer!

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  1. Congrats to Kathryn....Good luck tomorrow....I know you can do it.....want me to "cheer" for you....G~O.........GOOOOOOOOOO KATHRYN!!!!!!....Keep your head up high, it will be tough at first but you know you can do it....and though you say you "ate" your way through "grief" the last 2 years....go ahead and "fight harder" these next few months at the gym if your grieving use your energy at the gym...(believe me I know :) )....I know you can do it....GOOD LUCK DRINK LOTS OF WATER, BRING A TOWEL.....AND SHAKE SOME OF THAT BOOTIE YOUR MOMMA GAVE YA :)...HAVE A GOOD ONE....:)