Monday, February 16, 2009

Bestest support system a woman could have

Whew! I finally went to the grocery store today. Now I can eat!!

I'm so glad it's strawberry and blueberry season, yummy!!! I also got asparagus and brussel sprouts, though I don't know how they are going to taste without butter and seasonings.

Since, somehow I made more hamburgers than my family could eat I was able to fit more protein in today. I miss ketchup. I had to have a big glass of water to swallow my plain, dried, grilled, grease-squeezed-out-into-a-paper-towel hamburger. I tried to steal a single penne Pasta-Roni noodle but was caught red-handed by my eldest daughter who swiftly swatted my hand. She's no fun.

I'm glad I have such a supportive family and I mean this in the most un-sarcastic way. Carson plays with my love handles, Kelly calls me "fatty" and Hubby calls me "Chub-o". Reyna says I'm not fat but that I am lazy and Maisie tells me she loves me. These may sound mean (well except for the "I love you part"), but it is actually helping me. Plus, well, this is just how our silly family is.

I decided to include what I ate Sunday so you can see what I'm going through. Normally, I have a bowl of some kind of sugar cereal with whole milk. Lunch is primarily whatever leftovers are in the fridge and dinner is a well-seasoned meat, veggies and some boxed product like stuffing, Rice-a-Roni or Pasta-Roni (unless I get an amazing recipe from my wonderful cyber cookbook, Kris). Now? Well, read for yourself.

1 egg white 17 cal
½ cup strawberries 25 cal
½ c blueberries 42 cal
¼ c steamed collard greens 12 cal
½ c steamed asparagus 20 cal
Sprinkle of Tarragon vinegar which I DO NOT like but ate it anyway
3 4 oz hamburger patties (not at the same time) George Foreman grill 570 cal total
Drinks- 1.5 oz OJ 21 cal, Water
Exercise- 30 min kickboxing (309 cal), 10 min walk (50 cal), 20 min jog (130 cal) x2
Calories consumed- 707 cal
Calories burned by cardio- 609

Somehow, I'm not starving. Hmmmmm. I'm realizing we don't actually need the humongous amounts of food we devour each day! Who knew?!

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