Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's working! It's working!

It's taken a while (I'm NOT a patient person) but I'm finally feeling a difference. To me, I don't look any thinner, but I FEEL thinner and healthier. At the beginning of the Sexy by Summer contest, I weighed 140 pounds and at the beginning of the Waist Watchers contest (a month later) I weighed 136.6 pounds. Today… (where's that awesome drum roll???).....127.0 LBS!!!

Since January 15th I've lost 13 pounds and 9 inches!

I guess eating all those egg whites, veggies and oatmeal is finally paying off! Of course the hours I've spent walking, jogging, rebounding, stair mastering, ellipticalling and exercise biking have played a titanic (pun intended) role. Not to mention the torture chamber I frequent with Douglas – walking lunges (right, left, right, left); sliding lunges with the ball (out, slide, together); plank (butt up, hips tucked, shoulder blades down, abs in, hold......); Y/T/Cobra on the ball (thumbs up, higher Y, lower Cobra!). My poor body has never hurt so much! Not even in the 17 years it spent dancing. But, it's all for a good cause. Healthy on the inside, sexy on the outside (well, not yet, but we're getting there).

I learned an important lesson on Monday – always double check your gym appointment time BEFORE you leave the house. I was an hour early which I discovered after I pulled into the parking lot and checked my calendar. This resulted in me having to do an hour of cardio which resulted in me having rubber legs by 1 o'clock. It made my session a bit more difficult. But, I'm a determined little bugger and trudged through it saying, "Look at me go!" as I struggled through 30 seconds in the plank position (I hate that one, too many darn things to remember).

So, I'm on my way to winning Waist Watchers and being Sexy by Summer!

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