Sunday, February 8, 2009

Waist Watchers Contest

Tuesday, February 3rd I received a call from Channel 10 News at 4 letting me know I'd been chosen as one of the 25 contestants for the Waist Watchers Contest. The reason was to kick of the premier of WaistWatchers The Calorie-Free Musical, a comedy about losing weight. The contest is simple - the person who loses the most weight by May 6th, 2009 wins.

We each receive 3 months free at AnyTime Fitness in South Tampa to help us out (which, to me, was a prize in itself). The Grand Prize is a one year membership to AnyTime Fitness, weekend trip to NYC, tickets to a show and a gift basket.

There were 6 of us that showed up to the station on Thursday, February 5th. We went on live with Marty Matthews (and yes, with 3 TV's in the house, I forgot to set ONE to tape the news...not happy). I was nervous at first, but pretty much all we had to do was stand there and listen to Marty explain the contest. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing but I stood out. Not just because I was in pink (my signature color) and everyone else in black, but because I weighed the least of everyone. I found this embarrassing because everyone weighed 200 or more and me...? 136. This kind of puts me in the position of the underdog, I think. I'm at a disadvantage because I CAN'T lose a lot of weight. If I lose more than 15-20 pounds, I think I'll look unhealthy or sickly and that is soooo NOT my goal.

Oh! You may be wondering what a 136 pound 5'5" 35 year old (nope, not afraid of my age) woman is doing in a weight loss challenge. Because 136 is BIG....for me. I feel fat, I feel lazy, I have no energy and my poor danced-on-for-17-years knees are not happy at all with the extra weight. My goal is to weigh 110-115 pounds and to be one hot mamma (like I was 2 kids ago).

So, if you choose, join me on my journey to be thin again.......lets do this!

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