Monday, February 9, 2009

Waist Watchers The Musical

After fighting traffic to get home from the Channel 10 news station, I hurried to fix dinner so my oldest daughter, Kelly, and I could go see the Waist Watchers Musical (I got 2 free tickets). Surprisingly, I didn't get us lost on the way to the theater, a major accomplishment for me. It was a good thing I left my money in the car because there were lots of yummy snacks to buy (seemed kind of ironic to have popcorn, soda, and pretzels at a show about losing weight).

I had met Alison Burns at the news station earlier that day and was excited to see her in the show. She not only starred in it, but also did the choreography as well as wrote the music (along with Stan Collins) and the lyrics. The show itself was written and conceived by Judy Lisi. Judy came up with the concept while at a weight loss support group and it is a must see if you are trying lose weight!! It was a great way for me to start my own weight loss journey.

I thought the show was amazing. The songs were well written and beautifully sung. It was funny, sad, so true, and even had a little romance included. The rest of the cast, Heather Krueger, Michael Indelglio, Nadeen Holloway, Melissa Nay, and Kathi Osborne were equally fantastic and entertaining. I was able to meet Alison again after the show as well as the show's stage manager, Scott Belowsky who both wished me luck in the contest!!!!

Two thumbs up from this fan!!! The show runs until May 10th at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.... just in case you're planning on visiting the area and want something entertaining to do.

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