Saturday, February 14, 2009

Behind again.....and grumpy

Wednesday was a difficult day. It was the first day on my Dreaded Meal Plan. I was grumpy, depressed, and hungry. I got up at 6 AM and walked/jogged to CVS and back. Do you know how difficult it is to jog carrying a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs? Unfortunately, this only took 20 minutes so I knew I'd have to make it up in a later workout.

After an hour nap, I fixed my oh-so-delicious egg whites then went to what I now call "Club Clean." Club Clean is me, my iPod, cleaning and booty dancing. I only go to Club Clean when Hubby and the older 2 kids are not around. The little kids don't care how crazy or dorky Mommy looks dancing while doing dishes or folding laundry. I work up a serious sweat at Club Clean so you better bet I included those calories in my food/exercise journal!

I took Reyna the Birthday Girl (well, not really until Friday) to see the movie Twilight. We both read the first book in less than 48 hours and were anxious to see the movie. We were late because the only theater still showing it was not in our neighborhood, therefore, I got lost. It wasn't really my fault. The mall should label itself better. I drove around the entire mall and never saw a single sign for the theater. We had to “book it” for about 15 minutes to get to the movie on time, we were still late. As the movie was ending, I started receiving texts from Hubby and Kelly asking when it ended as in-laws were due at our house at 4:30. Movie ended and the in-laws were at our house so we had to “book it” 15 minutes back to The Bus. Yes, I counted this as my 2nd workout.

Reyna decided to torture us for dinner and made us eat at her favorite restaurant, Applebee's. I got Douglas's approval ahead of time for my dinner choice: grilled chicken breast, plain with steamed veggies. The waiter kept trying to get me to order some healthy chicken breast with cheese stuff and some kind of sauce, clearly NOT understanding I wanted EXACTLY what I'd originally ordered. Kelly sat across from me and decided to order the appetizer sampler – all of my favorites (minus pizza). As I enjoyed my plain chicken, plain broccoli and plain asparagus with water, I had to watch Kelly overly enjoy her chicken quesadillas, wings, mozzarella sticks, and (sigh) spinach artichoke dip with a Dr. Pepper. I glared at her so much that by the end of the meal she was apologizing for eating it and snuck me a tiny bite of a mozzarella stick, shhhhhh. I remembered the chocolate chip cookie I stole while no one was watching earlier in the day and was glad I'd been good and ordered my plain meal.

My last exercise for the day was jump roping for one minute. That was as long as I felt like doing it. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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