Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Even grown-ups can be funny

Usually my humor posts are kid related but sometimes it's the grown-ups who provide the funnies, too.

I used to laugh watching my mom when she first got contacts. She had to wear her glasses to put them in.

My entire house is usually a complete mess, but my hangers are always organized.

My friend Kris can't believe I admit this:

Hubby lights incense on occasion usually to cover up various animal or kid smells. The other day he lit two then came out to check on me when he heard me coughing. When he asked if I was alright and if my coughing was because of the incense he did not expect my reply.

"No," I said. "I leaned over to pick something up and swallowed while standing back up. My spit went down the wrong way." He just looked at me and shook his head.

Here's another just to show you I'm completely comfortable laughing at myself: I spent ten minutes looking for my electric can opener a few days ago. Then I
remembered it broke and I threw it away. I spent another five minutes looking for the hand held one I'd bought to replace the electric one. It was next to the stove where I'd put it five minutes earlier.

I love teasing my kids especially my fifteen year old Kelly. She just came in and asked what time we were going to the AT&T store. I said, "1:06." She asked if I could come up with a more random time. I replied, "1:06 and thirty seconds. No, wait, 1:06 and thirty point 2 seconds." She accused me of being a bigger brat than her.

Hubby and I were watching Cops a few nights ago. A police officer came upon a suspicious looking couple and was having trouble getting to the truth. Finally the woman said that the man didn't have any money so she wouldn't do anything with him. She followed that with, "I may be a ho but I ain't no crack ho." At least she has some morals.

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