Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Kids can add a lot of stress to our already stressful adult lives. But in-between the stresses are the greatest moments. Those moments when no matter what is going on at the time you just have to tilt your head back and laugh.

The other day I went outside to get something out of The Bus. I came back in thirty seconds later and heard this from three year old Maisie: "Mommy, you h
ome! I so miss you."

Carson (age 5): I want that! (pointing to the latest toy infomercial)

Me: What is it?

Carson: I don't know.


ie has been into super heroes lately. One of her favorites is Batman. Several times a day you can hear her yell, "I That Man! To the rescue!"

Maisie loves The Heffalump Movie. She's watched it so many times that she n
ot only knows the words but the actions, too. There are always little hand prints on the lower right hand corner of our TV screen from her "helping" Tigger clean Pooh's goggles.

Since Carson was gracious enough to teach Maisie how to open the baby gate, I sent her to ask fifteen year old Kelly if she had any dirty laundry. Ten seconds later I heard Maisie knock on the door then yell, "Kewwy, you got any stinky cwows?"

The i
n-laws were coming over to our house and the little kids needed a bath. Hubby sent Carson into his room to get undressed. Five minutes later he finally came out of his room naked... one hand covering his butt and the other over his little boy parts. Maisie walked in and ten seconds later we heard, "Ok, I ready!" as she stood butt naked dancing around the room doing her "I'm takin' a baff" dance. Oh how different two kids can be.

Carson has been potty trained for two years. As an experienced mom I understand accidents will happen. I walked out of the bedroom yesterday into a puddle. I glanced at Carson who looked up at me very innocently and said, "I forgot I had to pee." How do you forget you have to pee?

To any new or potential moms, don't ever take small children into dressing rooms with you. I learned this the hard way. While trying on a pair of jeans Maisie very loudly announced, "I see your peep!" Before you ask, I did have the proper undergarments on.

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