Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stability Ball

Some of my followers from the start have asked me to share with them some of the exercises and equipment I used at home during my six month weight loss contest.
VersaBall Home
One of my favorites is my stability ball that bio mom bought me for my birthday last year (just what every 35 year old wants- just kidding, I picked it out). I use my ball a LOT. The first step is to make sure your ball is properly inflated according to your height. Simple Fitness Solutions has a great list of guidelines for stability balls and exercise bands (many balls come with the bands).

You have your ball properly inflated, now what? There are an endless number of activities you can do on your stability ball. Some of my favorites can be found on Fitness Magazine:

Our Top 8 Stability Ball Exercises

Naomi Campbell's Butt Workout

Insider's Guide to Stability Balls with added exercises and tips

When I first started using my ball I used it mainly for sit-ups and using hand weights. After I discovered the exercises on Fitness Magazine I was on the look out for more ways to use it.

Oh, how the angels of Heaven began singing at the introduction of youtube. Here are my top five youtube stability ball exercises
(I had to put a cap on it otherwise this would be a never ending post):

Lunge with weights

Toning your outer thighs

Strengthening abs

Upper body workout


My all time favorite way to use my stability ball is to sit on it and bounce while I'm on the computer. It provides a little cardio (depending on how much I bounce), is great for my abs since I have to have good posture while sitting on it (otherwise it doesn't do any good), and is also fantastic for butt and thighs when I concentrate on squeezing those muscles.
Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (Black)

Yes, believe it or not they make special chairs for stability balls for people like me that enjoy a good workout while getting computer work done at the same time!
What a fabulous Christmas present idea!

What are you waiting for? Go grab your ball and get fit!

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