Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nap time for a blogging mom of 4

Text to Kris: Nap time!

Text from Kris: Sweet dreams

Inner me: Deep breath, relax the toes

ght: I really need to repaint my toes.

Inner me: Relax the heels, relax the ankles, relax the calves, relax the knees

Thought: I need to remember to ask my doctor about my knees again, they're really bothering me.

Inner me: Relax the thighs

Thought: When school starts I need to get back to exercising. I'm starting t
o gain ba-

Inner me: Relax the butt

Rrrr, when I get up I'm not going to forget to buy Buns of Steel on ebay. When I used to do that my butt looked gr-

Inner me: Relax the hips, relax the stomach, relax the chest, relax the shoulders, relax the jaw , relax the face. Breathe. Deep breath.

Thought: I'm cold. I just made the bed though. I really don't want to unmake it.

Inner me: Clear the mind. Deep breath. Deep breath.

Thought: I should do a post on napping. President Bush took naps and peo
ple made a big de-

Inner me: Focus. Breathe....

ide bedroom door: Kids are playing with the loudest toy they own.

Inner me: Relax. Ignore kids. Breathe deep. Sleep.

Outside bedroom door: GET OFF! She hit me! Leave me alone! Stop it! That's mine!

Inner me: Relax. Ignore the kids. Breathe deep. Sleep.

Thought: I need to finish that post about Grandma.

Inner me: Deep breath. Deep breath. Sleep.

Thought: Hmmm, I forgot about doing the research for that po-

Inner me: No mind blogging. Sleep.

Outside door: I'm going to get mommy! SHHHHHHH! MOMMY IS TRYING TO SLEEP! NO! Don't go in there. Do I need to get Daddy?

Inner me: Block it out. Clear the mind. Sleep. Deep breath. Deep breath.

Thought: Ugh, I hate that I haven't been blogging everyda-

Inner me: Clear the mi-


Inner me: Clear th- Oh, forget it.

Flinging door open: OK! I'm up!

In real time, this lasted an hour. Lesson learned – moms are not allowed to take peaceful naps.

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