Friday, August 21, 2009

Put a little love in your...pj's?

I was recently made aware of The Pajama Program through a website I'm a member of. The Pajama Program provides NEW warm pajamas and NEW books to needy children across the globe. Many of these children are not fortunate enough to have a home much less pajamas and books to call their own. Some have dreams of being adopted others hope to be reunited with their families.

Sprout and the Pajama Program launch The Great Sprout ...

One of the mom's hosted a play date/pajama party today and 30 brand new pairs of pajamas, 24 new books, 3 new back packs, and some school supplies were donated. Also, the venue where today's event was held sold chocolate chip cookies 2/$1 then donated 100% of the proceeds to The Pajama Program. On top of that, they matched what they sold and presented the mom with a check for $100. That will buy a lot of new pj's!

The pajamas, books, and money collected today will benefit Raising Hope. Here is their mission statement:

"Raising Hope, Inc. was established to take an active role in ensuring that the at-risk children in Pinellas County are afforded opportunities to live happy, healthy, stable, and productive lives. This will be accomplished through fundraising and developing partnerships that give members of the community an opportunity to support children living in crisis situations. All money raised and resources acquired will be channeled toward services and products that support the healthy development of children."

Raising Hope cares for children and their needs from newborns to age eighteen. A variety of support is needed for them to help as many children as possible. Please click here to see some of the many ways they need help.

Pajama Program on the Today Show!

When I first heard about The Pajama Program, I was already incredibly interested but after viewing the clip from an Oprah show I was even more ready to jump on board.

Pajama Program

Please take the time to watch the videos on here. I guarantee you that you will be moved. I was.

Children Incorporated - Pajama Party

If you would be interested in donating pajamas, books, or money for our next pajama drive Sunday September 20, 2009 please send me an email at

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